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The Android's Dream by John Scalzi
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Sep 11, 10

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**A little over three stars.**

“Dirk Moeller didn’t know if he could fart his way into a major diplomatic incident. But he was ready to find out.“

My introduction to Scalzi was Agent to the Stars. The curious pairing of a slick Hollywood agent with a gelatinous alien life form made for fascinating, funny reading. It also made me hate the man. You see, Agent to the Stars was written as a "practice book." Scalzi decided to try his hand at writing a novel simply to discover if he could create something of that length and depth of plot. The resultant book had a great premise, enjoyable characters and fluid pacing.

The Android’s Dream bears certain similarities. Filled with quirky characters and loopy twists, it displays Scalzi’s aptitude for weird situations and strange modes of thought. Beginning with an interplanetary diplomatic disaster, the book incorporates government conspiracies, artificial intelligence, animal husbandry, prophetic poems, sex scandals…most anything you can think of has its place in the snafu that occurs between Earth and the representatives from Nidu.

Caught up in all this is Harry Creek. He’s the government’s go-to guy when it comes to issuing bad news. He also happens to be a brilliant, resourceful war veteran who knows how to fly under the radar. Tapped to find a lost sheep, Creek’s existence quickly devolves to life on the run as he attempts to stay one step ahead of assassins and fanatics.

The dialogue is snarky and utterly droll--which I love. The action sequences are exciting with an edge of the ludicrous. The overall plot focuses on both big political machinations and personal trials, with well-placed, well-crafted info dumps--just enough information to understand the world, but not so much that passages become bogged down with details.

With all of these positives, why on earth did it take me a month to finish?

I’m not quite sure. There was something indefinably off about the pacing, plus I couldn’t get fully invested in the maneuverings of the government officials. Also, this edition was riddled with typos: misplaced/repeated words and transposed letters irked me just enough to pull me out of the story for a moment.

Still, Scalzi impresses me with his off-beat humor and imaginative details. My mixed feelings on this book won’t prevent me from picking up his other titles.
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08/09/2010 page 1
0.0% "I loved Scalzi's Agent to the Stars. At the same time, that book made me hate him. It was unique and witty and well-paced...and he wrote the damn thing as a "practice novel." Ya know, just to see if he could write something that length. Damn him."
08/12/2010 page 57
14.0% "It's a strange thing to make aliens twitchy just by existing."
08/16/2010 page 108
27.0% "I'm enjoying this, but there are too many names being flung about."
08/18/2010 page 170
43.0% "It was not, Bob Pope thought, the true destiny of the Earth in our universe to be counted among the diplomatic equivalent of the acne-ridden and the furtively masturbating." 3 comments
08/26/2010 page 260
65.0% 9 comments
09/07/2010 page 349
87.0% 3 comments

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The Holy Terror Hooray! You finished it. I should have Blameless in my hot little hands tomorrow!

The Flooze Yaaaayyyyy! FINALLY, on both the finishing and the book possessing. So the rickshaw carrying it here from China put on a burst of speed, did it?

The Holy Terror Har har har.

Turns out they ship it from their warehouse via Fedex, then Fedex hands it off to the USPS. I can't imagine it's cheaper to use two separate companies, plus it obviously takes longer, but, whatever.

I showed as delivered yesterday, but when I placed the order they told me to wait for a phone call. I think I'm just gonna go up there later whether they call me or not. They better have it!

The Flooze If they don't, let the violence commence!

That seems like an assinine system. I don't quite get the logic.

Are you going to the signing? Also, my friend Shirley is reading Blameless and she's freaking out. She's disappointed in me that I'm not reading it yet.

The Holy Terror I'm not gonna go to the signing. I'm too chicken. : (

The Flooze ::shaking head in disappointment::

SHAME on you!!!

The Holy Terror -_-

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