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G-Spot by Noire
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Mar 24, 2009

it was amazing

The G Spot
By: Norie

This is my favorite book of all times. Its about a girl named juicy “Mo” Stanfield and her brother jimmy “jo”. Ever since they remember there life has been nothing but horrible. There mother was a crack head and lost her life by stealing crack from a man who worked for big Tony who at the time was the biggest drug dealer in Harlem. Then there grandmother took them in and took care of the them the best she could. Then when she died of a heart attack the smoothes man in the neighbor by the name of Granite McKay the owner of the G spot and new head drug dealer in Harlem liked her and wanted her to be his . juicy new she couldn’t take care of her self and her brother with his disability and G (granite mckay) was rich handsome sweet and would take care of both her and her brother and she knew they would live the good life and have it all. He was willing to let juicy and her brother jimmy live with him under one condition. He owned her.
At the time juicy thought it was a sweet deal. It was Granite McKay he brought her and her brother the best of everything it was never second best with G. but even though he was filling her material desries he was felling her sexually ones. If she would have cheated on G she would die. Point blank. She would have nasty thoughts ever where she go. She would watch the males dance at the G spot and masturbate. She masturbates ever chance she gets. She even goes as fair as letting her masseuse feel on her sexually and eat her butt. G suspects infidelity and beats her so bad or would have sex to her but hole till she bleed to show her a lesson. Then she does something she should have never done. She sleeps with G’s son Gino and they fall in love and try to figure out a way to escape G before he finds out. But G grabs wind of it before they think and seat them up to confirm his suspensions then he gets his man to beat his son servile and take him out of state, and do unimaginably things to juicy that I rather not say and let you read for yourself.
The reason I liked this book is because of the violence the realism and relationship between a brother and sister. The violence in this book was so real and sometimes mad me wanna cry. Like the part when they killed juicy’s friend dicey cause she was informing her on all the stuff that really went down in the G spot and what her little brother was doing. They killed her and put her tongue in her mouth to so hat she talk to much and she need to learn how to hold her tongue. Then when jimmy shot and killed G and then shot his self. And all the times G beat juicy and even hit her friend rita.
The realism was really good because it was like she was leaving the good life then turned into the not so good life and now she have to find a way out. So she uses her street smarts to survive and try to get away from G and his cruel ways. Then the brother and sister love that juicy and jimmy have is amazing they both love each other very much and would do anything for the other and jimmy did the ultimate by sacrificing his life for juicy and that should real love for his sister. She in closing that’s why this is my favorite book because of the violence, realism and brother and sisterly love they have towards one another.


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