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The Diamonds by Ted Michael
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Mar 23, 2009

it was ok
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Read in May, 2009

I honestly expected a lot from The Diamonds because it looked pretty interesting. So imagine my disappointment when I found the plot extremely cliche, the characters pretty shallow and the overall average outlook of this novel.

The plot was the average friends turned enemies kind of book. Very middle-school like. However, I did enjoy the politics of the whole book - the mock trial with the jury and the judges and the attempt on bringing about justice in school. The fact is though that Clarissa and her followers are going about the wrong way and it's not until Marni gets kicked off that she realizes how "justice" really works.

I honestly didn't like Marni. She's extremely shallow and just not a very friendly girl. Like I said before, she didn't realize how mean her friends were to everyone until she got ditched like a piece of hot potato. And even then, she just wanted to ignore them and she didn't want to stand up to them until Tommy gave her the idea. She's smart obviously because she literally rewrote the Constitution to fit her mock trial purposes and it's not until she gets the courage does she finally use her smartness to bring real justice in her school.

Anderson, the reason Marni got kicked out of the Diamonds, was a jerk. At first, I thought he was a really sensitive and an overall awesome guy. But he's a coward. He betrayed Marni because he didn't want to become ridiculed anymore by his peers. And he didn't only betray Marni, he betrayed Marni's whole "motley" group and their whole plans.

Overall, I can honestly say that The Diamonds didn't meet up my expectations. However, if you enjoy reading about a whole new side of politics and school, you can check this book out.

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