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Heart of Venom by Jennifer Estep
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Jan 10, 2013

it was amazing

Well I had to really sit down and examine this whole story to decide if it was going to be a 4 or 5 star review since Gin does what she does best, leave bodies in her wake. I guess it depends on what you measure this book against ...

The problem is that the plots are beginning to start to look a lot alike and that cools my enthusiasm a bit with this series, not to mention the fact that the next book is a prequel (UGH).

The premise here is we get to revisit a story that was told to readers early in this series about why Sophia is the way she is (raspy voice and all) and it seems the villain for that story (Grimes) has come back to town to finish what he started with Sophia. Obviously, that puts him on a collision course with Gin which is pretty much a fatal flaw in any plan.

While Grimes is a pretty good bad guy, his sister Hazel is powerful and a truly vicious nutjob ….. did I mention they both are Fire elementals, not a good thing for Gin. They manage to kidnap Sophia but before the fun starts, Sophia will have a very bad time which will motivate Gin into a true rage which to “revenge junkies” like me, that means good times ahead.

If you have read this series you can guess the general outline for the rest of this part of the plot and its ultimate conclusion BUT the romance with Owen is one of the sides of this story that is NOT predictable and it adds a bit more flavor to this story than usual.

I do enjoy that we get to see a lot more of Jo-Jo and Sophia, but we also get some visits from others characters from past books that enlivens this book for me since up until now we only got to see pieces of Copper, Phillip and to some extent even Owen were more 2 dimensional but this book fleshes them out a bit (as did the novella preceding this novel Kiss of Venom).

If there was any real disappointment it was the lack of Finn in this story since I always enjoy his self serving banter but he does play a part in this novel, just not as large a part as we are used to seeing.

The other disappointment is that the overarching story of MM Monroe is almost not moved at all, in fact other than a mention they could have left it out for all purposes, they drop hints of some future conflict but that is pretty meaningless at this stage and since the next book is the “prequel” then we are not going to see any resolution for that story until sometime later in 2014.

Bottom Line: It was a Elemental Assassin novel, lots of people cross Gin, lots of people die. She is tough but still loves Owen, she would die for the people she loves but usually those “other” people get to do the dying. So rather than judge this book against other books that are not as good, I have to say 4.5 Stars because at the end of the day, I love to see bad guys get justice and nobody serves it up better than Gin.
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message 1: by Zoe (new) - added it

Zoe Yeah I'm not sold on the prequel either.

Ezinwanyi~ThatEzi  (Oh My Shelves) I read a prequel on the author's website long time ago. I feel like I already know that.

But I suppose a prequel would be an attempt to bring back Mab Monroe--the badass mob boss. I'll still read it.

Ummm, i sure wish the author would break up Finn & Bria. they are boring and it's a little gross considering Gin already had him...and he was like a brother.

Douglas Meeks @ Ezi - Well you don't see enough of Finn & Bria together in this novel to even worry about it.

Ezinwanyi~ThatEzi  (Oh My Shelves) Douglas wrote: "@ Ezi - Well you don't see enough of Finn & Bria together in this novel to even worry about it."

Good. I don't know why, but Bria annoys me a little. I like Finn chasing the ladies with his fancy clothes and cars

Jeanne Walz I agree with you about seeing more with Owen and Philly, maybe throw in Eva too. I guess we need to finally get Mab dead and buried before we can see more of them. Hopefully, after this backstory, we will get done to business with finally burying the Monroe's, M.M. included, and then move on to Philly. He's played off as being such BA himself that I want to see what serious damage he can do.

Jeanne Walz Wow, this is what happens when you type late after finishing a book. Typos - get 'down' to business not done and Monroes not 'Monroe's' Sorry it would bother me if I didn't fix that.

Douglas Meeks Well, surprisingly I got my ARC of The Spider today, guess I will read it next month sometime. Hoping I will be blown away and not bored.

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