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Hoodwinked by Quentin Carter
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May 04, 09

** spoiler alert ** This book is about Keith and Kevin, who are best friends, brothers, and business partners. They sell kilos of cocaine. Keith is all about flossin' and Kevin's about business. Keith’s girlfriend and mother of his child, Turkey, has the drug connect which keeps Keith and Kevin in the business.

Her uncle Ben is the main drug supplier. They use Turkey’s uncle to get there drugs. They use Turkey to launder the money on the airplane for them. Turkey is what you call a ride or die chick. She loves Keith with all her heart. He continuously takes advantage of her with his whorish ways.

Keith meets a Puerto Rican woman, name Selina. He sleeps with Selina and disappoints Turkey. Tee knows that women are Keith’s down fall. So he sends Selina to rob him. Keith doesn’t know that Selina was put on him by one of his closest friends. Keith knows that Selina has a child, a little boy, but he doesn’t know that the child is Tee’s.

Keith and Kevin are left with no supplier and money when the feds kick in the door of his and Turkey’s home. Turkey takes the blame for her man Keith and goes to jail. But after Turkey lands in jail for taking that wrap for Keith's $300,000 she's got revenge on her mind, while she's locked down, Keith’s not thinking about her, he's with Selina.

Keith continues to be with Selina and they get married. When Tee finds out that they got married he’s very disappointed. He later comes back up in the game. Keith doesn’t treat Selina any better than her treated Turkey. He still had his whorish ways.

Turkey suspects Keith in the murder of her Uncle Ben, who was Keith's supplier. When Turkey gets out of jail she weaves a web of destruction and revenge that will affect his life tremendously. Turkey proves she's not the one to be played with. This book was a page turner. I really liked it.


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