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Haroun and the Sea of Stories by Salman Rushdie
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Aug 23, 07

it was ok
Recommended for: kids
Read in August, 2007

This is a kids book that really is just for kids. I know the editors' reviews tell you that it will change your life, change the world, or something else great. But, trust me, it's just a cute story.

Haroun's dad is a story teller. His life is happy until one day his mom leaves him and his dad and his dad can no longer tell stories. This puts the mat risk of losing everything because that's how they maek their money. They are invited to tell stories on behalf of politicians, and the night before Haroun's dad must tell the gretest story ever Haroun and his dad go on a magical journey (is it a dream?) to a magical land, where they save the sea of stories, the source of all the stories of the universe.

It's not bad. It's just that it lacks some level of subtely and cohesiveness that good books have. Even good kids' books. And it also lacks that "page turner" element that makes up for a book not being that great, becuase it somehow grabs you.

This book is easy, and it's very cute. It reminds me a great deal of The Phantom Tollbooth. THey both use puns and play on words, they both tell of magical journeys that change a young boy's life. But the jokes and play on words aren't all that funny (you have to know Hindi to get most of them), and get kind of old. You can finish it quickly, and you won't regret reading it. Still, you can probably find a book that you enjoy much more.
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Letitia You might try discussing this with a lit professor or someone equally qualified. If you find that it lacks subtlety, I think it very safe to say that you are missing something. This is one of the most metaphorically books every written, and yet it is so simple.

message 2: by bin (new) - rated it 4 stars

bin I disagree that this book is just for kids- that's just a cover for it. It's so he could make a comment about what happened with the Satanic Verses without being condemmned again.
If you believe that, you might try reading the book again in a different perspective or by researching a bit about why Rushdie felt he needed to write the book. If it was a book just for kids, I doubt I would have had to study it for University.

Stephanie Funnily enough, I also read this in college. @Alegra, I think your comparison to Phantom Tollbooth is apt, but neither of those two books come to mind as "easy" or "just for kids." Both remind me of something I commonly say about Pixar movies--they're for kids, but they have clever jokes, asides, and nuances that will only be picked up by adults.

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