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The Magician King by Lev Grossman
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Jan 09, 2013

really liked it
bookshelves: fantasy

Now that they are kings and queens of Fillory, the characters who attended Brakebills magical college (and one who didn't) are finding life as a royal quite to their liking. In search of an adventure, they reconstruct (rather, their minions do the actual hard work) a magical ship which carries them across the sea to the farthest island which hasn't paid taxes for a while.

Thus begins their real adventure, which, as it turns out, requires sacrifice and some serious risk-taking as they work to prevent magic from being taken from the world.

I quite enjoyed this group of modern 20-somethings figuring out what was really important to them as they rose to their challenges and became who they were supposed to be. Despite the magical setting, this is a book about kids just out of college having to apply everything they have learned and figuring out the rest on the fly.

I think this would appeal to older teens who grew up with Harry Potter and the Narnia Chronicles. Those kids who, when they turned 12, were very disappointed that they didn't get a letter inviting them to Hogwarts. Plus, us "grown-ups" who still imagine creeping into the back of a large closet and finding....well, you know.

--Recommended by Ellen

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