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Fury of the Demon by Diana Rowland
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Dec 30, 13

Wow, where to start in this review. Too much stuff happens so this review might be a bit lacking since a lot of what happens later in the book is based on things that happen earlier in the book so no spoilers.

At the end of the last book Kara zipped off to the demon realm sounding like the hero to the rescue, but we find her months later getting in better shape to take on the search for Idris but after a bit of a run-in with Rhyzkahl & Friends she does leave for Earth and finds that since she is no longer a cop, Ryan and Zack have somehow made her a kind of consultant to the FBI so she gets called in on a grisly murder case that becomes part of the overall Idris kidnapping and links to some new villains in league with her old enemies.

Kara’s home is fast becoming a compound and her posse is getting larger as this story progresses. The usual murder and mayhem occur along with a few mysteries along the way.

There is some concern about betrayal that has to be addressed and that adds to the overall stress of the situations leading up to the big battle scene towards the end.

Much of the problems we see have to do with Kara’s own problems that still are frustrated by the sigils that have been carved into her skin and still have to be dealt with on a more permanent basis or Kara won’t be Kara anymore.

Let me be a bit clearer with the fact that the prime purpose of the book is still to get Idris back no matter what, but it is not going to be easy even with the help she has.

A bit of tragedy, introspection/realization at the end with the final sentence in the book to give you something to think about until the next installment.

Bottom Line: Great book, kept me involved in the story, multifaceted plot and characters you care about although some you just get glancing pictures of their persona. 5 Star reading for me and still things left to wonder about in the next book.
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Meigan Awesome! I have been waiting for this one, release date is so close now...!

Douglas Meeks The book is much better than my review :) Most of the plot is based on things that happen in the first parts of the book so I can't really say a lot without it being spoilerish :) It is one of the better installments in the series IMHO.

Meigan I managed to get "it's really good" from your review, so that's enough said. It will be hard to top number 5 for me, that was so far my favorite.

message 4: by Carol (new)

Carol Berlingieri Great review! :-)

message 5: by Ann (new) - rated it 5 stars

Ann You said a lot without saying anything! Thank you. Can't wait. And if it is better than 5, wow! LOL

message 6: by Tiki (new) - added it

Tiki sounds like this series continues to entertain! On my Must Read list!!

Dr susan Well, I gave up! My library still does not have Fury, and, if I requested it (which I will), the lag time for the library to buy it would be 3 weeks. So I checked your review, then went and bought it with a Christmas gift card :)

Douglas Meeks It is a bit more stressful than some of the others I thought, was not sure what was gonna happen until the last few pages.

Dr susan Now I know what you meant! I am on page 377 and I keep finding excuses to stop cause I'm sure something bad is going to happen :)

Douglas Meeks She has already proved she can let bad things happen so nothing is guaranteed. Made for a bit more stress than usual.

Dr susan Yes! I am done, but a year is a long time to wait for such a good book with so many unresolved issues. I do get stressed reading the series where major characters have died in previous books.

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