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Committed by Elizabeth Gilbert
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Feb 19, 10

bookshelves: 2010
Read from February 07 to 19, 2010

I was a big fan of Eat Pray Love, so I started reading Committed with the intention to love it just as much, if not more. Instead, Commmitted is getting 4 SHAKY, not even 4 SOLID, stars from me.

The book is written kind of like a fun text book. It's full of facts about marriage and the history of marriage, with bits of Elizabeth's story along the way. Elizabeth's lover (whom I don't believe she ever refers to him as her "lover" but that title seems to fit) was arrested by homeland security leaving the USA and not allowed to return (even though he had not violated any terms of his VISA). So, in order for Elizabeth and Felipe to be together, they must go through an arduous process for Felipe to gain access to the USA again, and they must marry. Elizabeth is skeptical of marriage since her first one ended in divorce. Neither Felipe nor Elizabeth planned to ever marry. Now, the government was telling them they MUST marry if they wanted to live together in the USA.

Interesting, huh? Just a sidenote: our government says certain people MUST marry to be together, while others aren't ALLOWED to marry. Ironic?!?!

I found so much of this book to be fascinating, and really make sense to me, even though I wasn't aware of the church's influence on marriage throughout history. I guess somewhere in my gut I have always had a lot of feelings about marriage that I think are different from most, and this book did seem to confirm that a lot of what I felt was actually - historically - accurate.

I would, however, like to have been a friend to Elizabeth during the time when she was contemplating marriage. I think she needed someone to sit down and really help her find her center about this whole situation. (Not saying I could have, but it sure did seem like she needed someone to talk to!) I'm surprised at how frantic she became about so much of this process. Where is that zen/whatever will be will be attitude that she picked up during Eat Pray Love?

The part about her hemming and hawing about going to Cambodia... WHAT! I am still confused as to what Elizabeth thinks marriage is, or what it would be, but her behavior and honest-to-goodness fretting over wanting to make a trip alone baffled me. Had she read so much about 1950's marriage that she was suffering from revertigo? I have no idea.

I give this 4 "shaky" stars mostly because I was hoping for more. I will selfishly admit that I was hoping to see more of myself in this book, and while I saw glimpses, I didn't see the whole picture. Guess that just means it is time for me to write my own book about my own views of marriage, right?

My favorite chapter by far is the last one. Just beautiful. And I would like to see every single woman read this book. I believe there is something everyone can take from it that they didn't know before.

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Gretchen I enjoyed reading your review. :)

Melea Rose-Waters Thanks :)

Gretchen I am reading my grandma print version as we speak ;)

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