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Afraid by Jack Kilborn
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Mar 21, 2009

really liked it
Read in August, 2009

I like cozies. I might as well be honest about that. Also happy ever afters. Further, in the interests of full disclosure, you should know that I read AFRAID by Jack Kilborn (with a view to a review) because Joe Konrath dared me to do so.He has a thick skin, and a strong stomach... and anyone who reads AFRAID needs both.

This is not a book to take on a fishing trip, especially if you've left your loved ones at home, alone. In fact, this book ought to come with a free membership of the NRA. You'll want your Brinks alarm turned on, and a loaded shotgun under your mattress if you read AFRAID in bed at night. You might want one of those panic button pendants, too.

Be warned. It is gruesome. AFRAID is the sort of book to be read aloud, in a large group. Maybe journalists who need to be kept up all night --for a slow-to-break story on Airforce One, for instance-- or secret types on a stakeout, would get a bang out of AFRAID.

The villains are seriously, SERIOUSLY, nasty. My own most horrible villain (Insufficient Mating Material) rendered his victims insensible, had his wicked way, then took a small plug of pubic hair for a souvenir. Jack Kilborn's baddies do a great deal more than that. You get a sense of the horrors to come when a faceless bad guy sits on his first victim's bed, and when she asks what he's going to do to her, he says "Everything."

And that's just page 7.

Jack Kilborn is exceptionally readable. His prose is clear, elegant, vivid, and intelligent. I'm hooked.
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Janene Excellent review! Nailed it.

Rowena Thank you very much, Janene.

Mona I read this book after reading your review...I am so glad I did!!! Thank you for doing such a GREAT review!!!

Rowena Thank you, Mona. I really appreciate that you took the time to leave a kind comment.

message 5: by (new) - added it

★ that was an exceptional review!
Ive been contemplating buying this for a while, an after this review I jumped out of my chair and purchased it :)

Rowena Thank you, Booklover23.

message 7: by [deleted user] (new)

Thank you for your review of this book. I was going to get it at the library but now I know to go on to something else. I can tell it's too much for me.
Thank you again.

Rowena Thank you for your comment, Jaye.

If the book is in the library, there's no harm in taking a look without borrowing it. One should never rely solely on another person's opinion, IMHO.

Janene lol A person got this book based on my review. (5 stars) She HATED it. My review was as honest as could be, and she hated it for the very reasons I loved and reviewed it. My *guess* based on your review, Rowena....Jaye will not like it. Your review is that good. :)

Rowena Thank you, Janene.

message 11: by Mary (new) - added it

Mary I bought this book at a yard sale, man am I glad I did. I love reading this book and I'm just in the beginning of it. I like to read when I get time but, this book is really hard to put down. It has been exciting from the very start, it will catch your attention from the start and keep it I'm guessing throughout the whole book. I will comment more after I get it read. You are correct, you better have a strong stomach it is not for everyone... Thanks for the review.

Rowena Thank you, Mary.

message 13: by M. A. (new)

M. A. Hickman I am curious about this book but concerned about how graphic it might be. I was just wondering does it go into great detail or give you the idea of it and lets your mind do the rest?

Janene it's very graphic.

message 15: by Suzie (new) - added it

Suzie Oh my goodness... I've just added this to my list and all because of your review. I must find this book and read it. I hope I love it as much as you! Great review. Thanks for sharing.

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