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Babylon by Bus by Ray LeMoine
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Aug 23, 07

Read in August, 2007

Amazing! Absolutely amazing. I was hooked in by the rediculous title, and then held captive as these guys tell a story about Iraq that you are not gonna hear anywhere else. They kinda stumbled into Iraq and started volunteering for Non-Government-Organization aid centers and rather haphazardly attempt to help out and do some good in the middle of Baghdad - both in the Red and Green Zone. What we get is a point of view that is not told on the news, and is also not told by any other visitors, cause after all, who visits a war? Amazing. I find myself looking at and listening to the news of Iraq today in a different light, having learned what I did from reading this book. I was hooked, and this is a story that is gonna stay with me for a long time. Highly recommended!!!
Oh, and I am pretty sure that these guys have some connection to the Hardcore scene, as there are references to touring with their bands around the world, and other points (like comments about crust punks in Israel) that would only come from "inside". In My Eyes is the only band I could link Jeff too, though they are a straight edge band and he is anything but in this tale. An interesting possible connection none the less.
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message 1: by Michelle (new)

Michelle I, as well, found this book absolutely phenomenal, albeit disturbing. The two main characters definitely were living on a hell of a lot of privilege and arrogance, thinking that they could just show up help out in Iraq, but I think that their eyes were very rapidly opened when they were faced with the harsh realities of the invasion and exactly the type of people that the U.S. had put in power to Americanize, not liberate Iraq. I also highly recommend this book to people because it simply breaks down the steps that were made to lead the world up to the mess and hellishness that is happening there today.

Susan Richards Agreed that it is an aspect of the story that I have never heard anywhere else. However arrogant and bumbling, their humor in the telling is a saving grace.

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