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Thirteen Reasons Why by Jay Asher
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Mar 20, 2009

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Recommended for: 15+
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I liked this book, the main character annoyed me a bit, but overall I enjoyed reading it. It makes you wonder how far someone can push someone else before they break. I also liked the idea of 13 videos portraying the 13 reasons the girl felt the need to kill herself; albiet she shouldnt have blamed them for her death, but they contributed to it quite a bit. Kids can be cruel,there is no doubt about that. Many people would think that school should be a safe haven for children, but on the contrary, for some it can be pure hell. Its even more difficult when a teenager is using the impulsive part of their brain, she was depressed and she just wanted it to stop. This book really made me wonder about my own school; how many of my fellow classmates have ever been on the edge of breakdown like this? My heart goes out to all the students who have ever been victimized and felt no other way out. After reading this, I realized that I am lucky to have the life I have compared to some others.

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