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Comes the Night by Norah Wilson
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Jan 06, 2013

really liked it

Comes the NightComes the Night by Norah Wilson

My rating: 4 of 5 stars


Book: Comes The Night
Series: Casters
Author: Norah Wilson/Heather Doherty
Publisher: Something Shiny Press
Genre: Romantic Fantasy
Rating: Mix of YA Thriller/Paranormal w/ Adult Themes
Length of book: Novel (330 pgs)


This novel dragged me through several mixed emotions while reading it. It started out with some notes from a diary of a long dead girl and then shifts to a 17ish girl waking from a rape (thankfully no details). Obviously, the author has my attention at this point, then she spends the next several chapters boring me to death with necessary but dry background information of the 3 main characters in this novel Alex, Brook and Maryanne. The problem is the information is presented in such a way that you are not attracted to any of the characters (in fact I really did not like them) but I think that may have been partly intended since the novel tries to set a vision of teenage angst, depression and guilt which is what motivates these girls to do some of the things in the book. It is a mystery, a thriller and to some extent a paranormal “coming of age” story.

Let me make this clear, I usually have no interest in such stories, they tend to bore me or at best leave me with no sense of connection with the book because most teenage problems in most of these books border on mundane at best and stupid in too many to name.

After I got through the first 30% of the book, I actually started to get into the story because the characters were evolving and the story was getting VERY interesting (I should mention you will have to suspend your logical mind to enjoy this novel in places).

I cannot say much more without spoiling the book but among the things that have to be addressed are catching a rapist, a murderer and a bit of revenge on people who do and don’t deserve it. Oh, let me not forget the ghost we meet along the way, yep quite a kitchen sink of paranormal and thriller. Get this book, if you can drag yourself to the 30% mark you will be glad you read it. 4 Star reading and maybe a bit more …. and you should be aware, these are good people at heart but still seriously flawed and we shall see more in subsequent books which are sure to be coming since a few things are left open.

Reviewed by: Douglas C. Meeks
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