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Bad Dreams by R.L. Stine
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Mar 18, 2009

really liked it
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"Bad Dreams" mostly takes place in the ( )'s house. Since the beginning of the book, ( ) has a recurring dream of another girl getting killed. One day, the dream becomes true when the murderer in her dreams becomes real and starts killing other people. Before he can leave, his last victims must be the girl and her two sisters.

It's connected to the world, because sometimes people kill each other for big reasons, like divorce, stealing, or robbing a bank. So it connects to the world because in the book, the murderer starts killing people, but maybe in real life, a man who kills people could be a terrorist. It connects to me, because there have been times, like this past Halloween, when crime has affected my way of life. Because when people died over Halloween from gang crimes, I was scared to go out.

I rated it five stars because it was my type of book because it was scarry and interesting. Also, a book that is scarry, talks about wars or crime interests me because the plot twists can be unexpected.

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