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Storm from the Shadows by David Weber
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Mar 18, 2009

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Read in March, 2009

** spoiler alert ** I'm of two minds about this latest book. On one hand, it is solid Honorverse fare, picking up threads from Crown of Slaves, At All Costs, and the previous book, Shadow of Saganami. Yet, I feel like for all that, I only had half a book. The ending is not so much abrupt, but still a cliffhanger, plotwise. Instead of being eager for the next book, I felt like I should have had it then. If Weber had simply stopped a chapter or two ahead of where he did - before we knew about the Solarian fleet on its way to Talbott, before we knew the Mesan Navy was in the Manticore system, I think the sense of pleasant anticipation for the next book could have been had without leaving me feeling like I'd been cheated out of the real ending. That, combined with some notable repetitions (what was with the phrase "blood in their eye"?), makes me wish I'd opted for the paperback instead of the hardback. Still, if you like the Honorverse, go ahead and give it a go.

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