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Gone Too Far by Suzanne Brockmann
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Mar 31, 09

Read in March, 2009

Okay so I am re-reading this book and this time I am actually enjoying it. I've struggled with Gone Too Far so many times -- usually didn't make it pass the 2nd or 3rd chapter -- and I would toss it aside for something else but on every IR group I belong to the famous Sam and Alyssa are always touted as the best IR couple ever so I always go back to this book to try to get a glimpse into WHY they are so love. This time, I made it pass chapter 3 and man do I get it. Not the Sam and Alyssa are the greatest but finally AT LAST why this book and Ms. Brockmann are so damn good!

The single most satisfying thing I love most about this book is the way Suzanne wrote the character of Alyssa. Alyssa is a strong, positive, character. There are none of those ridiculous stereotypes that some writers (black & white) fix to black heroines. It was refreshing. Race was an issue but it was not in your face every other page which was extremely refreshing, but at the same time it was not glossed over. Wonderful delivery thru-out the book. I applaud Ms. Brockmann for the way she wrote it. And I applaud Ms. Brockmann for the way she mingles so many characters and her ability to let each and everyone of them shine thru-out the book.

I must admit Sam and Alyssa are adorable but there are so many other characters that have stolen the book for me, specifically Max and (ta da) Jules. I'm on page 339 and have about a fourth of the book to go. As with all good books I read, I'm beginning to experience that sick feeling in the pit of my stomach because I am so close to the end. In other words, I am going to hate reading that last page because a story -- or in this case -- a multitude of stories is coming to a close. The good news is, there are like 11 or 12 other books in the series so I will be able to 'troubleshoot' for a while. I have Force of Nature (Jule's story) next on my list because I love Jules and I am definitely seeking out Max & Gina's story (Breaking Point).

So far the best line in this book is not anything Sam/Ringo/Roger has said -- although my boy has a lot -- but when Jules 'Got to Love this Guy' Cassidy says to Max "Ah sweetie, you're going to hate this..." I about lost it. I was like, did he really say that to Max. To MAX!!!! Yeah that takes place on page 338. Had to stop reading and do a shout out for this book then and there.

She i.e. Suzanne Brockmann has a new fan and I, At Last am truly a member of the Elite Sam & Alyssa Fan Club.

Back to the book....
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 Danielle The Book Huntress (Angels Weep For Goodreads) I thought Alyssa very well done. I just love Sam. He is my darling. I just want to hug the man.

LaVerne Pat,

To truly get this couple's full story and understand why the IMRR group is so in love with them, you have to read the other 5 Team 16 books that pre-date this book.


 Danielle The Book Huntress (Angels Weep For Goodreads) I agree with you LaVerne. I must admit I lost interest after Gone Too Far. Been meaning to read the rest, but haven't felt that interested.

Corrine :O You have to read Hot Target! It's (IMO) the best book of the series.

 Danielle The Book Huntress (Angels Weep For Goodreads) That's good to hear, Corrine. I really do like Cosmo. He's the one character I still wanted to read about after Sam and Alyssa's book.

Arch Besides Sam and Alyssa, Dave and Sophia are my other favorites from the series.

message 7: by Pat (new) - rated it 4 stars

Pat Cromwell I finished the book and have started Breaking Point -- Max and Gina's story. So far so good.

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