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Scarlet by Marissa Meyer
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Oh my goodness. I was so pumped for this book, and this definitely didn’t disappoint. Scarlet picks up right where Cinder finishes, with Linh Cinder learning of her identity as the lost Lunar Princess Selene with while stuck in jail. In addition to telling Cinder’s story of escape and she's going to do afterwards, it also introduces the new protagonist Scarlet Benoit, a girl who lives in the countryside of France whose grand-mère has gone mysteriously missing.

Characters: None of the characters in this book disappointed me at all. Cinder and Scarlet were two very strong main characters. While Cinder often has doubts about herself, Scarlet pretty much takes no nonsense and is a total badass. I really liked the introduction of Thorne and Wolf; I really, really, really loved Wolf, although I had recently read a warped version of Little Red Riding Hood and should’ve been weary. Thorne initially annoyed me but in a funny way, but he grew on me like he did Cinder. Kai was a bit too angsty for my tastes at first – and then I realized, dude’s going through an awful time. Not only does he have to deal with Queen Levana, his father just died and he’s a newly crowned emperor and the girl he liked is Lunar and has practically been sentenced to death. I did like his small narrations though. Iko also made her glorious return, and I was glad to see her.

Relationships: The main one in this novel was definitely Scarlet/Wolf. It definitely moved quickly in the time-frame of things, but they still made me sigh and grin like an idiot when they were having their moments. I knew there would be trouble in paradise, considering how fast things had moved for them, but I was so wrapped up in the plot that I could barely believe only a few days had gone by. I did miss the Cinder/Kai dynamic, which was so big in the first book. However, I did find it hilarious how they tried to deny their feelings for the other when it was kind of really obvious to everyone else. Thorne’s scenes with everyone he came into contact with were golden, and I love Kai’s jealousy of him because he’s good looking. (view spoiler) I loved the Cinder/Thorne friendship too. It definitely came about out of necessity, but I love the respect they have for each other by the end of it all.

World-Building: I really, really love the way this world has been set out. I really enjoy reading about it. It’s not so totally futuristic that it makes it possible to relate to, but it’s definitely not the modern world we live in. Although the ID chips seem like messy business, I do really like the technology mentioned in The Lunar Chronicles.

Plot: I was a bit weary of the whole two narrators type of thing. At first, although I did like Scarlet’s character, I was mostly reading for Cinder’s plot. Once Scarlet’s plot became more enjoyable to me at the halfway mark, I was fully invested in both them. There were times when Cinder’s or Scarlet’s arc was getting super awesome, and the narrator changed. It kind of annoyed me, but in the best possible way – after all, I should’ve been used to it from the first book! When the two stories began to merge, I got excited for Scarlet and Cinder meeting. My only regret is that they didn’t meet sooner, but I guess that was to be expected. (view spoiler)

General Impression: Amazing, amazing, amazing. I bought Cinder a year ago, and although I just left it on my shelf, I didn’t know I would be in love with the series as much as I am now. My only regret is that I didn’t stop myself from finishing Scarlet as soon as possible, because now I have to wait a year for the next book, Cress. I’m so pumped for the next one!
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