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March by Geraldine  Brooks
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Feb 01, 08

Read in February, 2008

** spoiler alert ** Disappointing. I think I am done with classics spin-offs. The writing was fabulous, but I got fed up with inconsistencies in the characters and disappointments I felt about their portrayed actions. Halfway through I thought about giving up and should have. I hoped there would be redemption at the end and there really wasn't, at least not enough for me. There were two things that bothered me the most. 1)Mr. March, a poor farm boy, "loves" Marmee enough to teach her to control her temper, yet he can't seem to control his own sexual urges. Whatever. Especially that he risked her good standing by seducing her and then rushing to her father for a quick marriage, thinking he was saving her. Blah. What if her father had refused to let Mr. March even marry her? Mr. March's pride was disturbing. Was Brooks' message that even good, kind people have major faults? 2)The nausiating difference in what Marmee thought about Mr. March going to war and what Mr. March thought she was thinking. I'm sure Brooks was trying to make the Little Women charachters more realistic, but the division and lack of true communication between Marmee and Mr. March really bothered me. I don't even feel like Mr. March repents of his pride, so what was the point of the story? That war is awful? That this life is full of suffering? That men are bad? I have no idea. I don't recommend this book. I did learn that if I don't feel like finishing a book, I probably have the feeling for a good reason and should listen to myself.
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Linda This book is such an award winning popular book and I thought March was a complete fraud. Your review mirrored my sentiments.

Muphyn Totally agree with your view on March's pride - I just found it irritating and pathetic in the end, and I so wanted him to grow up. Like you, I had hoped there would be some redemption at the end but it kind of left off without doing any of it. Disappointing end.

Lee Anne You just confirmed my take at page 75; i may NOT finish it! So many other lovely things to read. Why waste my time with a dull, plodding fraud! =)

message 4: by Moira (new)

Moira Russell he risked her good standing by seducing her and then rushing to her father for a quick marriage, thinking he was saving her

....what, seriously?

Emma Deplores Goodreads Censorship He didn't ever cheat on Marmee, although he would've liked to, which seems like self-control to me.

message 6: by Martin (new)

Martin This was presented to the entire town as a group read. So many copies available at the library, so many men, women and children reading this book all over our little quiet semi rural town. Although I was cognizant and please by the highly literate vernacular of Ms Brooks, her apt portrayal of the very worst that prejudice and war offers, I too was not convinced that neither March's pride nor his wife's anger and ultimate forgiveness/ sacrifices were believable or justified. I enjoyed the prose immensely, the historical accuracy, descriptions but the story line lacked conviction for me.

Dorothy Some of the inconsistencies are due to the double-standard and the general view of the worth of woman at these times. Remember ex-slaves got to vote before women were granted that right!

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