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Along Came Trouble by Ruthie Knox
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Jan 01, 2013

it was ok
bookshelves: yawn-snore, ebook
Read from March 11 to 16, 2013

Ellen Callahan is pissed because paparazzi won’t leave her alone due to her pop star brother’s romance with her neighbor Carly. Caleb Clark, aka "Lady Killer" is hired to be her sort-of bodyguard. She’s pissed about that too because she can handle those media vultures herself. With iced tea! By the way, who on planet Earth doesn’t know that vulture is synonymous with paparazzi?

“The vulture.”
“What vulture?” He’d have remembered birds of prey. He wasn’t quite that hopeless.
“Jamie calls the photographers vultures.” She spun her index finger around in a circle. “Because they’re always hovering around.”
“Looking for fresh kills to pick at?”

Oh, dear.

Granted, he was too busy looking at her “body built for sin” to pay attention to the conversation. Of course, what other kind of body is there in Romancelandia? And she was similarly distracted by his big, “work-roughened paw” that she’s shaking at their first introduction. He’s also got a straight nose with a bump on it and a look of otherness to him (he’s got olive skin, natch). Oh, and he’s huge in a “whoa” type of way. Nothing new, the same tired descriptions that I’ve read over and over and over and over. I mean, at one point Caleb gleefully notes that Jamie, the pop star, is “only” 5’10. Oh, you mean the average height of men in the US? Uh, what?!

Why did 3 women in the book have to have detestable exes? Overkill. What is the difference between Ellen’s ex calling her “Els” knowing that she hates the nickname, and Caleb calling her son Henry “Hank”, knowing that she hates the nickname? Both are douchebag moves. Another douchebag move: SPOILER he fires an employee for letting her feelings for Ellen’s ex sway her good judgment, but he lets his guard down completely on numerous occasions so that he can get in Ellen’s pants (seriously two seconds after he meets her. But he’s a SOLDIER so he’s ready for action, pun sort of intended). And he's a man in love! After two days. There's this scene at the end where Ellen is defending Caleb’s actions/ability to do his job to his overly critical mother (you know how Lebanese moms are LOL) and I just rolled my eyes because nope. I thought his actions were incredibly unprofessional from jump street.

I could’ve done without the secondary romance in which the pop star brother falls in love with a pregnant firecracker who is not impressed by said pop star’s celebrity status because firecracker. Please. Also, nope.

I just couldn’t get into it. It’s not that it’s badly written (at all), I just had déjà vu while I was reading. Too much of the same. I need fresh meat.
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8.0% "If she remained above the fray, withholding and continually finding fault, it was only because she was raised that way. Her own mother was Lebanese, and all the women on Mom's side of the family expressed affection through criticism and an obsession with appearances.
We finally find out why Caleb has olive skin and why his mom was kind of a bitch in 'How to Misbehave'. She's half-Lebanese! Say no more." 3 comments
53.0% "Wait...5'10" is considered short? Only in Romancelandia."
66.0% "I might have to DNF. I just couldn't care less about any of these characters."

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