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V for Vendetta by Alan Moore
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Mar 12, 09

Read in March, 2009

This book was a true classic in my opinion. The very nature of it is thought provoking and it's frighteningly accurate by the state of affairs in the world. America is on a slow decline towards this sort of government. Instead of a fair and equal amount of representatives on each side, there is an unfair advantage from leading political party leaders. Even the system for elections is capable of being rigged, since only a few out of several thousands of people per area vote. Every man has his price and all that. I digress.

The government is also going down this route by our 'ever so grand' president saying things will get worse unless he helps with his plan. Even his political party is striking at radio DJs who dismiss or speak badly of him. This is as in V's story: the start of government censorship of the media. Since the Democratic party is the key one in office, who's to say things won't get worse? If they have near total power in the government, what's stopping them from taking it over completely and oppressing the people?

After all, V was political satire, but it was also a prediction at how society as a whole can allow their governments to take over so easily and have total, silent, willing consent. If the government is the only one that's right, the people have no say. If the government is what controls the people, the people have to bend to their ruler's will. If we stop listening to all things, and only be fed the manufactured lies and falsehoods of a corrupt system, we will forever be blind to how things are.

So this is my creed! This is my own call to all minds that are open! Do not close yourself to the world! Do not give in to those who want to blind you! Do not hide from the truth because it is gritty or dirty! Do not let yourself conform to something you do not agree with over petty things such as acceptance! Acceptance is useless without freedom! Do not think of yourself as the all important center of the universe! Think of everything as affecting everyone, as it has, does, and forever will! Strike against the government, not with hate, but love! Not with greed, but charity! Not with argument, but tolerance! Not with jealousy, but with joy! Not with a want for power, but with a want to help others, even if it is only on a small scale first! Do not give up your feelings and do not let anger or fear cloud your judgment as those who wish to control you want! Do not let yourself bend upon the orders of others!

Fight, not as how you think you know. Fight with love and knowledge, not hate and ignorance.

This is what knowledge and new understanding this book has given to me. If you disagree with me, I must say as the French philosopher Voltaire once said, "I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it." I only give my opinion, and it is just that. Freedom of speech means listening to what you dislike or hate as well.

With that, I bid you adieu.
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