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Soul Avenged by Keri Lake
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Mar 13, 2013

it was amazing
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Wow, did this ever take me by surprise! It's truly a treat to grab up an indie author's work only to find out that you've come across an amazing writing talent, and that's exactly what happened when I read this first installment of Keri Lake's Sons of Wrath series. From the very start I was lost in this dark, sexy, terrifying world of lycans and demons, and it gripped me to the very last page. This is officially a series on my must-read list!

I knew when I saw the daunting length and the glossary at the beginning of this book that this was not going to be a light read, and oh was that ever true! But there is no doubt at any point in this story how much painstaking effort was put into making every detail come together perfectly in this twisted world, and I was wholly impressed. With such vivid descriptions of the disturbing existence these characters experience, and the terrifying creatures that they encounter, I felt like I was diving right into their world with them every time I went back for more.

Ayden was phenomenal as the kick-ass heroine who's life had been turned upside down at the hands of one of the very beasts she hunts. Her only memory of her life before becoming an Alexi was the attack itself, thanks to biochemist General Jackson Wade reprogramming and "reconditioning" her to be the ultimate soldier. Giving them the lywa antibody, victims of lycan bites can resist their venom and survive to join Wade's army against the lycans. Ayden was a prize creation, the first successful surviving immortal and truly a fearless, gifted fighter. Her singular purpose of hunting down the lycan who killed her was what found her a deserter of the Alexi army, relying on the aid of the sons of demon prince Wrath to find her vengeance. But her plans took an unexpected turn when she stumbled upon Kane, a halfling completely clueless to the supernatural world, but who seems to hold a key to her memories. That is, if she doesn't kill him first.

The reader is as blind as Ayden is to her past, and I really liked that clues were slowly revealed through Ayden's dreams and her resurfacing memories. The puzzle was being put together piece by piece, and the revelations and twists kept me completely engrossed. There were a lot of parts to this story running parallel at any given time, and the intricate way they all weaved together in the end was just brilliant!

I have no doubt that readers will fall hard for the drool-worthy men in this story, because Kane and the sons of Wrath are paranormal romance perfection!! The Wrath brothers oozed sex appeal and make you weak at the knees with their intimidating presence, and Kane really took me by surprise as he went from Ayden's hot captive to a dominating beast of a leading man. There were some deliciously steamy moments between these two, and there's no doubt we'll be seeing the same from the tempting demons later in this series!

Soul Avenged was an incredible story that will be a huge hit for paranormal romance fans, and I absolutely loved it. I am very much looking forward to getting my hands on the next book in this series when it comes out, because I definitely need more of the Wrath brothers!!

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