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Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator by Roald Dahl
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Mar 09, 2009

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Read in January, 1991

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message 1: by Kim Annabella (new)

Kim Annabella You know there's a word for grown men who read childrens books ;]

Just joking! Like I can talk-I just bought a miniature set of peter rabbit's tales.

As long as I don't start scouring ebay for toys from my childhood then I imagine a few childrens books on the shelves are an acceptable idiosyncrasy.

Michael Economy I also own a set of minature peter rabbit tales! But that and the great glass elevator were both things i read over 14 years ago. The last childrens book i did pick up was star beast which was kinda purchased by accident.

message 3: by Kim Annabella (new)

Kim Annabella No way? I think they’re so cute. When I was 9 or 10 I'd go to my cousin's house on Sundays & lie on the floor trying to copy from the illustrations.

The star beast sounds not unlike my white rabbit- she’s taken chunks out of everything; the wallpaper, cables, the cat! & how do you even buy a book by accident?

Michael Economy Half.com give you a shipping discount if you buy multiple books from the same seller. So I didn't really read any of the reviews, i just added a bunch of heinlein books to my cart since they were like $2 each.

I've also gotten podkayne of mars, east of eden, and galapagos this way.

message 5: by Kim Annabella (new)

Kim Annabella That's a pretty good deal!And a nice way to fill in the gaps in your collection.Shame there isn't a european version.Although I tend to download books more & more since getting an ereader; it takes all the fun out of waiting for a book to arrive, doubleclick & you have it in front of you.

Galapagos sounds amazing.I may add it to my "to read" list if you don't mind.

Michael Economy which reader do you use?

I haven't read Galapagos yet, but vonnegut is great.

message 7: by Kim Annabella (new)

Kim Annabella The iliad, it looks horrible but it does the job better than sony!It reads multiple formats, you can scribble notes on whatever you're reading, plus you don't have to wait an age for the page to turn.

-I've never read him, if something is really well liked I tend to avoid it for the longest time.

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