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A Painted House by John Grisham
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Mar 06, 2009

A Painted House by: John Grisham
Luke Chandler is a seven year old boy who lives on a cotton farm. He lives with his parents and grandparents in a somewhat small house in Black Oak, Arkansas. In 1952, Luke’s Grandpa hires two groups of people, a family of hill people from Eureka Springs and a group of Mexican workers, to help harvest the cotton crop that the Chandlers have worked so hard to raise. What the Chandlers’ have yet to realize is that two of their hired workers are dangerous and could pose a threat to the family.

Luke Chandler is one of the main characters that I liked in this story. He is a young boy with a lot of questions about life. He is the main reason I liked the book. Luke is a very interesting character because he is always seeking adventure and trying not to get caught.

Luke’s Grandfather is another main character that I liked in this story. His Grandfather always tried to do the right thing. He is an upstanding person, in that he works hard and never takes the easy way out of things. His life revolves around the cotton he works so hard to raise. Life for him is always full of worry because he is afraid that a storm could pass through and ruin his cotton crop that he had worked so hard to achieve.

Hank Spruill is another main character in this story. Hank is a public menace and finds enjoyment in causing mischief. Throughout the story, Hank gets into his fair share of trouble and solves them in the worst possible manner, in other words he makes things worse than they originally were.

One strength of this book, to me, is that it takes place in Arkansas near places that I have known my whole life. Another strength is that it takes place on a farm and it is easier to relate to the character if you know what they are going through. One quote that I liked was said by another farmer when Luke was out behind the co-op building. This quote stated:”You children don’t need to see this”. I liked this quote because it shows that other people are looking out for you and know what is best for others. Another quote that I disliked was when Luke was in the yard and Hank Spruill ordered Luke. This quote states:” Get me some water boy.” I disliked the quote because Hank was not supposed to talk to his boss’ son and grandson in any manner like that.

One weakness of this book is that they farm cotton and I am not sure how they farm this. Another weakness is that Luke is not old enough to understand exactly what is going on in his family’s’ life and in the surrounding community.

The main theme of this book is there is always a path to a better life. This is the theme because Luke’s dad was going nowhere but broke with his cotton farm so he left his life with the cotton farm and went to a car factory up north that was making much more money than he would ever make with his cotton farm. In doing this, he may then have a better life with a stable job.

Page Count: 465

Genre: Mystery

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message 1: by Betsy (new)

Betsy This review reminds me of my 6th grade son's book reports for school . I think we are mainly adults on here, maybe just a fair review of the book please., you on't have to turn it in to a teacher :)

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