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Digital Fortress by Dan Brown
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Mar 06, 2009

really liked it
Read in January, 2006

*Taken from my LiveJournal Entry* SPOILERS BELOW!!!

Guess what I found out, though...

Zero-Divide One of Hugh's very old and not-so-well known video games is actually the premise for one of Dan Brown's books... I'm serious! As I was paging through the character / storyline booklet provided with the game, I kept thinking, "Wow! This story sounds really familiar!" The more I read, the more I realized that Dan Brown seemed to have lifted the whole plot line from the game! I'm not even kidding...

Chris, I'm calling you out, here... you've read Brown's book Digital Fortress. Tell me this plotline isn't a complete rip:


Zero Divide takes place in the near future. One day, a mysterious data library known as "XTAL TOWER" surfaced on the Internet. Collected within this library were every nation of the world's most important national security secrets. The hackers who accomplished this feat threatened to release these secrets to the public in a matter of days. The world was stunned that these supposedly impossible to access secrets were acquired by these brilliant hackers. The military and economic balances of the entire world could be destroyed...

Hours later, each of the world's countries received an invitation from a being known only as "XTAL". The invitation stated that before the XTAL TOWER library was made public, each nation would be given a chance to fight against the library's security units, as well as each other. "If any challenger can defeat every other unit within the alotted time, and find their way to the location of the host, then they can stop the secrets from being released and destroy the XTAL TOWER..."

(Thank you, by the way, to for actually having this online!)

And if that's not enough, two characters from the book, Tokugen Numataka and Ensei Tankado, are names he created from the actual creators of the game!!! So seriously... I'm calling you, and every other person who has read this book out... TELL ME!!! Is this not a complete rip or what? I mean, yeah, I know Brown's been accused of stealing stuff in the past, but geez... a video game???

Strange... ya know, I admire Dan Brown's story-telling capability. I bet he can hear any story and somehow make it his. It's a very cool talent to possess... but to outright call ideas that aren't yours original... it's just not right. I think he owes the creators of Zero-Divide an apology. I say this tongue-in-cheek, but really... how many other times has this happened? *Shakes head*
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