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Bright Lights, Big Ass by Jen Lancaster
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Mar 11, 2009

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Lancaster is a different kind of author - she is a witty and light-hearted chick-lit author, yet makes fun of herself in her memoirs, which is beautiful. I almost wish more authors made fun of themselves from time to time! I didn't really like Jen's writing style - it was too elementary for me, but then again, this was a memoir, so I can't be too critical of her for her use of it! I found I could relate to Jen on some levels- her love of Target (ahem.. I LOVE that store!), Trader Joes, and Ikea. I liked some of the points she made about the changing world as well, such as the deteriorating customer service and the explosion of the cell phone culture, whose users often make those around them subject to their personal conversations.

Just some random notes about the book: Jen mentions her favorite "avoid-writing" technique is redecorating her house- what's mine? What's yours? After much contemplating, I decided mine is cleaning the house or grabbing another book to read.

One of the things I most appreciate about the book is Jen's frankness-she literally gets on every class of human being- she admits to the world her conservatism and her dislike of liberals; she admits to being xenophobic; she "kind of" makes fun of the Spanish-speaking lady in Target; and, she almost makes fun of the gay population. While in no means is this politically correct, I found it quite liberating for an author to break those boundaries and just blurt them out loud. That, in my mind, makes Jen a bit more human, a bit more real (I'm not in any way saying she's correct to have those viewpoints... I'm merely saying she's a bit less superficial and perfect).

An okay read- I'm not quite sure I'd read anything else of hers, but a funny, liberating experience nonetheless.

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