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The Historian by Elizabeth Kostova
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Mar 05, 2009

Read in March, 2009

Cody Foster

Mrs. Baltz

Pre-AP English 10

5 March 2009

The Historian
By Elizabeth Kostova

The Historian is about a story inside a story inside another story. It is told by a girl, who is never named, in her sixteen’s finds a book bequeathed to her father. Paul the father, a short bald man, is a politician and started on this adventure when his mentor told him about his work on the subject of Dracula. The whole book is about the infamous Dracula and weather or not he is acutely alive.

The setting of the book jumps around a lot because the girl is traveling with her father while she is informed of his story and the history of Dracula. They travel to Italy, Greece, Turkey, Romania, and Austria. All in search for Vlad the Impaler (original Dracula). This book is amazing in its detail. The Historian provides explicit detail and makes you feel the wind off the sea in Austria and hear the church bells in Romania ring with the eerie sound of a disturbing message.

The theme of the novel to find out the true history of Vlad the Impaler or Vlad Tepes and the essence of the legend that surrounds Dracula. Throughout the whole book you learn of this theme through slow and explanatory lines that seem to last forever. The theme is always known throughout the whole book there is never a question about what they are doing or what they are looking for.

Although the book is very explanative it can also be mysterious. There never really is a true villain shown in the book till the end. Its always a creepy shadow or a haunting feeling lurking about. With its sometimes brief but scary detailed scenes it always makes you wonder if there is some undead presence that is causing all sequences of events that happen to the main character.

The book is a very interesting. Even though it is very long and some times becomes slow it is extremely good. The book provides detail that you would not find in a normal book. The Historian is a very long book and can become painfully slow and drawn out. Even though there are no real action scenes till the end of the story there a parts with blood and can get your attention even in the slowest parts of the book. All books are not perfect and this one could use a little more action. Even through all this it is still at the top of my list of books that cant be beat.

One of the most memorable parts of the story is the words that you read in the very begging of the book. It is said by Bartholomew Rossi when Paul ask him why he went through all the trouble to learn about Vlad Tepes. His response is “Dracula--Vlad Tepes---is still alive.” this quote is one of the biggest eye catchers in the book. This is what starts the whole adventure. His belief in his mentor/friend that Vlad the Impaler is still alive and has kidnapped Rossi just after his explanation to Paul, the father of the main character, that Vlad is still alive.

If you really want to find out whether Vlad Tepes is alive, if Professor Rossi is dead, or if its all about some fictional character that has never began to be real in the first place then you will have to read it yourself.

Pages: 642

Genre: Historical Science Fiction
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