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Princess of the Silver Woods by Jessica Day George
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Dec 22, 2012

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Princess of the Silver Woods is the third and final installment in Jessica Day George’s princess series. All three of the books in this series told knits the main characters from the first novel together with some traditional fairy tales. (I’m gonna have to give you some backstory, otherwise this review won’t make a whole lot of sense)

The first novel, Princess of the Midnight Ball, told the story of the 12 dancing princesses, a fairly well known fairy tale about twelve princesses who are cursed to dance every night with evil princes who cannot go into the world during the day for one reason or another. It focused mostly on the eldest princess, Rose and Galen, though there was a fabulous witchhunt included The second novel was titled Princess of Glass, and as you might guess, it told the story of Cinderella, with a twist. It revolved around Princess Poppy and Prince Christian. This novel mixed Robin Hood and Red Riding Hood together in a way that was unexpected, but interesting and revolved around the youngest of the twelve princesses, Princess Petunia.

All of the princesses are named after flowers. Rose, Lily, Poppy, Daisy, Jonquil, Hyacinth, Orchid, Pansy, Iris, Violet, Lilac, and Petunia (Not in that order, but those are their names. The princesses (and their romantic interests/eventual husbands) were fairly well formed characters and likable, but as another reviewer of the original book said, the other eleven princesses “blend into a forgettable bouquet of names”,and never really get fleshed out. This may be inevitable given the number of characters that were included in these stories.

I’m done with backstory for now. Having not read the first two books in a while, I think it might have helped, so I gave it to you to give you some context for this novel. Without reading the other two books, this one would not have made a lick of sense to me. I would have been completely lost, despite the charms of this book.

The story opens with the Princes of Under Stone arguing with their King because, boo hoo, they have no brides, even though Daddy promised. We then move to Westfalin, where Princess Petunia is being robbed by the Wolves of the Westfalin, who are humans wearing wolf masks, while traveling to visit a Russakan Countess whom she met on her travels. Well, Petunia is not one to be robbed for what little jewelry she has as the youngest princess in a modest kingdom, so she pulls a loaded pistol out of her knitting basket and pointed it at the robbers, who then end up kidnapping her, not realizing that she’s a princess, because she learned their leaders name.

It turns out the leader of the robbers is actually an earl named Oliver who was displaced in the Analousian war who is stealing the money and jewelry in order to feed and clothe his people. He’s the same age as our princess in this story at 16. Upon learning who the princess is, his mother convinces him to walk the girl to where she needed to go, which happens to be right into the home of the mother of the new King of Under Stone. George kind of repeats some of the information about the characters over and over again. Basically, the end fight against the princes was a repeat of the first book, minus the magic wool.

The book was enjoyable, but very simplistic. It took me maybe five hours to read all the way through. Of course, everyone makes it out okay, and Oliver gets his earldom back. I am content with the book, despite its simplicity and overabundance of characters. However, I would not read it if you haven’t read the first two books.
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