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The Last Olympian by Rick Riordan
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Jun 24, 13

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Read in June, 2013

CLUES that tell you that the day will be going downhill:

a) A wise-cracking Pegasus lands on the hood of your stepfather’s car just as you are about to be kissed by a redheaded girl and it conveys the mood-killing message that it's time to save the world. Again.
b) You have to blow up a monster infested cruise liner and that includes an immortal Titan who drive home the immortal.
c) The girl you like is still harbouring strong feelings for a handsome demigod.
d) Aforementioned handsome demigod has gone bad with a vengeance and just happens to be providing the host body for the mightiest of all bad guys....of all times. Oh, and Mr.Bad Guy was the immortal bloke mentioned in b)
e) Evil forces in huge numbers are planning to raze Manhattan to the ground and intend to add the cherry on the cake by destroying Mount Olympus soon after. You are expected to save the day armed only with a bunch of brave but nervous campers, huntresses, woodland spirits and the occasional Party Pony.
f) AND the only way you stand a fighting chance against immortal celestial warlords is by taking a dip in the River of Death.

Percy Jackson’s ‘to do-and-most-likely-die-in-the-process-list’ just got upgraded.

Percy’s sixteenth birthday is just around the corner and it’s time for ‘The Great Prophecy’ to unfold. The Titans have declared open war on the Gods and are all set to destroy Jackson’s beloved New York and slightly less beloved Mount Olympus. The dreaded monster, Typhon a.k.a. The Big Daddy of all Monsters has been freed from his prison and is thundering towards the Big Apple. The biggest war...the end of Western Civilization....the rise of the Titans....the survival of the Gods....all rest on Percy Jackson’s one.single.decision.

As the long-suffering half-blood would say....No pressure.

I LOVED THE BOOK. I refrain from being a GIF Nazi, but this was my exact reaction:

It’s a truly fantastic, dripping with endlessly threatening - tantalisingly suspenseful - epically bada** moments. Home truths are revealed. Character is built. Monsters are disintegrated. Party Ponies are given access to root beer. Spies are revealed. The dead are raised. The Lord of Time is muffled momentarily by a giant blue icy butt. Prophecies are manifested. And all the heroes come into their own.

Equal importance has been given to seemingly miniscule characters ( a detail for which Mr.Rick Riordan should be approvingly patted on the back for, since it ties up with the main message subtly running through the whole series).

The war that has been looming over the past four books breaks free in a burst of GRADE A action sequences, special effects, strategic military manoeuvers and adrenaline rushes. With a knot-in-your-throat climax and the tiny surprise at the end, Rick Riordan takes his place among the annals of great YA Lit authors.

Re, re, re-reading the series was an utter delight. Besides The-Boy-Who-Lived and his loyal vanguard, Percy Jackson and his wisecracking, foolhardy posse will always hold a special place in my heart and a sizeable space in my post-apocalyptic survival kit.

With these gems in my haversack and Mrs. O’Leary in tow, I could rebuild the world.

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06/21/2013 marked as: currently-reading
06/21/2013 page 1
0.0% "The end of the world started when a pegasus landed on the hood my car."
06/21/2013 page 53
14.0% "It was vaguely humanoid and so huge it could've used the Chrysler Building as a baseball bat.
'It's him,'I said. 'Typhon.'
I was seriously hoping Chiron would say something good, like 'No, that's our huge friend Leroy! He's going to help us!'
But no such luck." 2 comments
06/23/2013 page 93
25.0% "Hestia shook her head.
'I am here because when all else fails, when all the other mighty gods have gone off to war, I am all that's left.
I am the last Olympian.
You must remember me when when you face your final decision.'"
06/23/2013 page 122
33.0% "'With great power...comes great need to take a nap.'"
06/23/2013 page 132
36.0% "Annabeth came up to me. She was dressed in black camouflage with her celestial bronze knife strapped to her arm and her laptop bag slung over her shoulder - ready for stabbing or surfing the internet, whichever came first."
06/23/2013 page 151
41.0% "'Not dead,'I said. 'Morpheus has put the entire island of Manhattan to sleep. The invasion has started.'" 2 comments
06/23/2013 page 244
67.0% "'Stop running, you fools!' Kronos yelled. 'Stand and ACKK!'
That last part was because a panicked Hyperborean giant stumbled backwards and sat on top of him.
The Lord of Time disappeared under a giant blue butt."
06/23/2013 page 289
80.0% "I picked up Pandora's jar.The spirit of Hope fluttered inside.
'Hestia,' I said, 'I give this to you as an offering.'
The goddess tilted her head. 'I am the least of the gods. Why would you trust me with this?'
'You're the last Olympian,'I said.'And the most important.'
'And why is that, Percy Jackson?'
'Because Hope survives best at the hearth,' I said.'Guard it for me, and I won't be tempted to give up again.'"
06/24/2013 page 334
92.0% "'All hail ,Perseus Jackson,' Tyson said. 'Hero of Olympus...and my baby brother!'"
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message 1: by Maninee (last edited Sep 25, 2011 02:45AM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

Maninee Which part of the story did you like best?
For me it was the part where Luke became the true hero in the end. Rarely do authors give that importance to the underdog, really.

Namratha That was a nice touch...kinda justified why Annabeth had a soft spot for him. I liked Clarisse's re-entry too.

message 3: by Maninee (last edited Mar 02, 2011 06:40AM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

Maninee yes, it was nice of riordan to give her another dimension
rather than let her be 'the rival/arch enemy' streeotype forever.
you still haven't told me your favorite part

Namratha I have several favourite bits. I liked the arrival of Thalia and mates when Percy needed them most during the battle. Annabeth humanising Luke by reminding him of his long lost promise of always being family also struck a chord.

And ofcourse, being a sappy glad that Percy and Annabeth FINALLY got together :)

Maninee yup, it definitely was great of riordan not to throw thalia away after she joined artemis's group.
and that moment that annabeth and luke shared is one to be remembered forever.

btw, percy and annabeth ROCK!!!

Namratha :) They most definately do! Was rooting for them :)

Dhriti(Annabeth)(Ginny) Chase it took a LONG time for percy and annabeth to get together thats for sure.

Namratha Dhriti wrote: "it took a LONG time for percy and annabeth to get together thats for sure."

I agree! They make such a great pair. Although the bit where Annabeth tells Luke that she loved him like a brother felt like a cop out to me.

Shravanthi Kripa I read this in one go :) You should try The Lost Hero, the next in the spin-off series :) It's a blast

Namratha Shravanthi wrote: "I read this in one go :) You should try The Lost Hero, the next in the spin-off series :) It's a blast"

Shravanthi, I have read every single Rick Riordon book :) More than once. Love them all. Decided to re-read the Olympian series because I am eagerly looking forward to 'House of Hades':)

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