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The Magicians' Guild by Trudi Canavan
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Mindy Did you see that the prequel has come out to these books? I loved this series. I just got the prequel the other day, though I haven't started it yet. The Magician's Apprentice

Shannon (Giraffe Days) Oooh no, I hadn't heard! We're a bit behind on her books in North America I think. I definitely want to read that! This first one was a little uneventful, for me, but the other two more than make up for it - like she got in her stride or something.

The only other book I've read of hers is Priestess of the White - I would finish the trilogy but I find the covers of the editions here so damn ugly I can't bring myself to. I'm not a fan of these covers either but I really wanted to read them again so bought them recently (I originally borrowed them from a friend years ago).

Mindy I ordered mine from the UK. I had to buy those same covers for The Black Magician Trilogy. I hated them as well. They have zero to do with the story. The UK covers are much nicer.

I would agree, the first book was a bit uneventful. The other two were by far my favorites.

I haven't read the Priestess of the White trilogy yet. I want to though.

Shannon (Giraffe Days) I saw it yesterday in Chapters, so it is out now, with this nice cover too!! But it's hardcover and way too expensive, so I'll have to wait :(

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Bettie☯ Shannon wrote: "I saw it yesterday in Chapters, so it is out now, with this nice cover too!! But it's hardcover and way too expensive, so I'll have to wait :("

send your addy to my inbox and I will send you my paperback copy - I haven't time to read it at the moment. Post it back when you've finished. The cover is :


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Lee The book fairy strikes again!

message 7: by Bettie☯ (new) - added it

Bettie☯ Lee wrote: "The book fairy strikes again!"

I see Lisbeth II is in Brazil now - lol. It will come back home all loved-up by GR folks.

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Lee Yes, it was a great idea to pass it around. I stuck a postcard in too. Hopefully it will come back to you.

Shannon (Giraffe Days) Thanks Bettie but I have that one already. It's the new series she's written that we were talking about, Magician's Apprentice. It's only just been released.

I am very envious of the UK covers for this trilogy though. The US ones are awful (that's what I ended up buying), but the Australian ones aren't great either (the edition I originally read, that I borrowed). I didn't want to buy the US ones but I really wanted to re-read them so I capitulated! Thankfully, the new book has a lovely cover in the same style as the UK ones, which makes me very happy!

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Bettie☯ Oh right doh!


Shannon (Giraffe Days) It's easy to get them confused, plus there're so many books called "Magician's that" and "so and so's Apprentice", I get confused myself! Very nice of you to offer though :)

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