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The Mystery of Edwin Drood by Charles Dickens
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Mar 04, 2009

really liked it
Recommended to Ben by: dan simmons
Recommended for: people who want to drive themselves insane

** spoiler alert ** oh ha ha, he died halfway through writing it, ha ha, we'll never know how it turns out, ha ha ha.


this is gonna drive me nuts.

half of me is absolutely 100% certain that jasper is not the guilty party in this mystery; the other half thinks i'm an idiot because it is clearly a crime-and-punishment style book about the downfall of a psychopathic killer named jasper.

i can see why people dedicate their lives to trying to figure this thing out. i think it's pretty clear that drood is not coming back, though, given tartar's moving in on his girl AND helena (who he liked) taking a liking to crisparkle. sad to say, i think he's dead... which makes it all the more likely that jasper killed him. :D

to me the big question is the rock-throwing urchin deputy. obviously he's got some huge role to play, or he wouldn't be showing up every ten seconds to do nothing but remind us that he's always skulking about.

if forster is right and it was all to come down to a jailhouse confession in which the killer looks over all the events and retells the story from his point of view... then... i wish i could read that! because i like jasper and i would really like to know what makes him tick.

now to read the new dan simmons book, drood. about dickens's last years, narrated by wilkie collins, and which apparently contains what simmons thinks may be the key to this story.
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Maureen okay, i'm in. i feel like maybe you should have put a spoiler warning on this review? i think there's a check box for it somewhere... :)

Susan Loved this review! We just don't have any other probable suspects at this point, which by murder mystery rules means Jasper couldn't have done it. And yet we had something very close to a prophesy that points the finger at him. And who else has motive? And is Edwin actually dead? Perhaps nobody did it!

I wish Dickens had held out long enough to finish it. Then again, I'm also reading it because of Dan Simmons new book -- thus if it had been finished, I likely wouldn't have read it. Ah, the irony.

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