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Deadly Desire by Keri Arthur
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Apr 08, 2009

it was amazing
bookshelves: 2009-n-before, paranormal
Read in April, 2009

Aaah how I've looked forward to reading this book.
And it did not disappoint for the most part.

There's someone brutally killing vampires and another set of murders where young women are being killed. Both have suggestions of dark magic and the second set of murders is what brings Riley in contact with Kye Murphy. Again.

Kye, in this book, is a killer for hire chasing the same murderer and while Riley tries unsuccessfully to get him to walk away from the case, they both cannot seem to control the strange physical attraction they have for each other, despite both not wanting it.
Which you know can only mean one thing...but i wont mention that here :O)
Kye also has a unique ability and that had me thinking of Peter from Heroes and wondering whether that's where Arthur got the idea from. Or it could have been because Heroes was on yesterday when i was reading this.

The last three chapters were absolute magic to read. For once, Arthur goes against her earlier trend and does a bit of a happy ending. For which i will say - Thank you. And it finally tackles the whole can a person with two different souls have only one soul mate question. Which i have been waiting for forever.

Part of me isn't happy that this was such a short book- considering that i finished it in one day and keeping in mind how much i was looking forward to it - damn! it should have been longer. There's only that many times you can keep re-reading the book to make yourself forget that it didn't take longer than 8 hours to read. All that waiting and over so soon.

Also i'm not sure if i remember correctly but i don't think Quinn had ever met Kye in any of the previous books, so when Riley mentions that he did, i guess that makes this a mistake in the book?
Oh and Miss Arthur, its a lil irritating reading about the kaleidoscope of sensations and the shuddering and the shattering during sex. C'mon change things up a bit. This is book 7. I don't even need to read those paragraphs when Riley's having sex with someone anymore. They've been the same from book 1 onwards. Hell, i could probably recite it word for word without actually reading any from this book and i know I'd be right every time. There's only so many times you can read the same thing over and over. If this was exam material I'd be getting top marks for memory right now.

That being said, this along with book 6 is the best of the series. Mostly because I'm a sucker for Quinn and Riley being together. But also because the characters are stronger and their relationships with each other on a more mature level. This is also the first book where Riley is relatively happy. And not brutally bashed up every few pages.

Here's looking forward to a very interesting book 8 which annoyingly doesn't even have a blurb out yet.

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