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The Film Club by David Gilmour
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Mar 01, 09

Read in March, 2009

After Lori smartly discarded this after the first 30 pages, I decided to spend a few hours of my weekend breezing through it. I can see what it first appealed to her considering she is a sucker for the "let's do a whole lot of this in ____time period" genre although this seems like an odd choice for her considering she rates films in ambien rather than stars. But the idea of allowing one's son to drop out of high-school if he were to adhere to the rather weak regiment of watching 3 films per week (most grad students I know do this on top of their coursework-does this kid want a parade?). Gilmour, who I'm reticent to criticize too harshly considering his fragile vulnerability, is the worst of the self-aggrandized boomers from his incessant Beatles referencing (In describing Lennon "Is that not simply the best voice ever, in rock and roll?") to his overactive hyperbole on classics like "Psycho" and "The Exorcist." But worse than that, this book’s premise is nothing more than a deceitful trailer that draws you in with its promise of an unorthodox (but not really) teaching method (the equivalent of Kate Hudson’s tan bod and Matthew Mcconaughey’s righteous abs) but then reads like 200 pages of an adolescent version of Tuesday’s with Morrie.

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