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The Lorax by Dr. Seuss
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This book is certainly blatant propaganda for environmentalism.

But is it wrong?

Simple messages are picked up by children more easily, and environmentalism is a key message we need to teach our kids. This book is also a book of its time - in the early 1970s the green movement was still very black and white.

But reading it I can't stop thinking about the irony of his anti-big-business message. Here is a man, like the Once-ler who started with an idea (Beginner Books or Thneeds) and convinced the world that it needed it. Both were incredibly successful in selling the idea to world. The difference comes in the ending: the Once-ler was destroyed by his short-sighted use of a limited resource, while Dr Seuss shows what a true successful capitalist would really do (either 1. hide the shameful aspects in the third world, or 2. actually develop sustainable business practices). Just imagine the massive forest of Truffula Trees required to produce the more than 200 million books Dr Seuss has sold to date.

I suppose the story about the triple-bottom-line success of a modern business just wouldn't make a good Dr Seuss book!


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