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Infidel by Ayaan Hirsi Ali
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Aug 19, 07

really liked it
bookshelves: bio-and-memoir

Although Ayaan's story was fascinating, her main point came later in the book: subsidizing Moslem immigrants in Europe, so that they can support their own parallel sub-culture, has caused the problems we see today.


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Michael Many, many people have immigrated from the poorest nations of the earth to other nations that take pride in their charitable instincts to offer succor and income to those who flee genuine oppression and find welcome in the welfare states in Europe and America. The ignorance of the many who are compelled to unquestionably adhere to the false teachings of religion all over the world are also happy to accept the welfare of those better educated societies who recoil at being seen as racist or politically incorrect. Rome over-extended its generosity. It accumulated a national debt of about 16 trillion dollars and could not recover from the debt payment of even the principal. One would hope that history would provide clues so that empire changing events could provide signposts for future empires to enable them to learn the lessons needed to escape the same errors that killed the empires thought so great that they could last forever.....maybe because they thought they were protected by some old man in the sky who loves that empire and will protect them from their own ignorance. Religion......what a bunch of bullshit. I cannot adhere to any of it called Christian or Islam, or Hebrew. Each of these religions profess that they are the true religion and therefore should be considered the greatest and truest of the man-made entities that want to control the masses of people with the tools of fear that they have formulated over the ions of time to control those ignorant masses. There will always be a smart person who gets over on an ignorant slave. The ignorant slaves will continue to serve the more clever master.......Michael....mgc

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