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Red Scarf Girl by Ji-li Jiang
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Feb 27, 2009

it was amazing
bookshelves: 9th-advisory

** spoiler alert ** Red Scarf Girl: A Memoir of the Cultural Revolution
By Ji-li Jiang
285 pages
Scholastic 1998
ISBN 0439063000

In the biography of Red Scarf Girl, a few of the basic themes that occurred were courage, friendship, leadership, and determination. It's 1966 and Ji-li is twelve years old. She was a great student;had the brains and ability, and was admired by many others. In this book, class status was something important because many things depended and relied on it.

For example, towards the beginning of the book, Ji-li was offered an audition for the Central Liberation Army Arts Academy. She could be in the Liberation Army and it was a great oppurtunity for her. Because of their class status, her family didn't allow her to go and just said a lame excuse, saying that being in the Liberation Army takes a lot of effort and commitment, and everything would be very challenging. As time passed by, not everything was the same. When a certain situation occurred, her family and she herself, were humiliated by neighbors, former friends, classmates, etc... Still, many things continued to happen to them and there were different situations each time, but she never gave up!

I think this was a very good book and I liked it alot. I feel like I could relate to this book not because of the year it was written, but because I am also Chinese and I've been told about some things that happened from the past. I've been told about what one did to another and the teases that were spread around. The attitudes from a higher class to a lower class was something no ordinary person could've imagined.

I would mostly recommend this book to ones who are Chinese, but others can surely read this book, too. It's just that I feel we as Chinese should understand what has happened in the past and what kind of a society it was back then. For others who are a different race, it would also be special if they read it so they would also understand the past of ones who are Chinese. Since Mao Ze Dong was such an important person, it would be great if everyone knew more about what kind of a person he was and how he did the things he has done.

Dictator Mao Ze Dong was a person which not everyone approved of. His rules and ways of creating a better society led to different opinions and arguements. Ji-li was a teenager who didn't care about what others thought, only what she thought. No matter what happened, she'd always have a resolution that would make others proud of her. By doing what she has done, she has finally earned The Red Scarf.

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