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Young Miles by Lois McMaster Bujold
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Feb 27, 2009

it was amazing

Full Review at my blog.

If I’m not mistaken Bujold ties Heinlein for the number of Hugo’s she has won. She is a diverse writer dabbling in both fantasy and science-fiction and managing to invest each genre with its own unique style. She is probably most well known Vorkosigan series featuring the energetic, and frequently trouble making Miles Vorkosigan.

While the series properly begins in Cordelia’s Honor, Young Miles is the first book (or couple of books since it is rightly a collection) to feature the series’ most well known and titular hero. Born a mutant overly prone to fragility and sickness as a result of an attempt on his parent’s life Miles must make his way through the harsh militaristic society of Barrayar. A society that typically dealt with mutated children by killing them at birth.

Cursed with a fast metabolism Miles is an energetic character whose mind suffers none of deformations that his body does. In fact it is his mind, and frequently his mouth, that gets him into trouble and it’s usually both that manage to extricate him from the same.

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