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Control Point by Myke Cole
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Dec 13, 2012

it was amazing
Read in December, 2012

It's always dangerous picking up a first book by a new author. You never really know what you're going to get.

In some ways, it's even more dangerous if you know the author beforehand. What if you read their book and don't like it?

That's the position I was in with this book. I'd met Myke Cole on several occasions and really liked him. He's a hell of a nice guy, and a bit of an exception to the fantasy author cliche. He's not a beardy pugdy ex-D&D geek. He's a clean-shaven, military-fit, ex-D&D geek.

Anyway, about the book. It's military fantasy, and that’s not my cup of tea. I don't read a lot of it, because I don't find it really engaging.

But this book isn't *just* military fantasy. It has really interesting characters, an interesting world and magic. It's really about watching one man's ongoing conflict with his sense of duty, and how his government treats magically active people in this post-awakened world.

Simply said, I really loved it. Hooked me right in. Kept me interested. Good action. Good characters. It’s not a book you have to be into military stuff to enjoy. It’s just a great book.
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Alvaro well then, that's good enough for me. Adding to my to read list.

Alex Ristea Pat, I love your reviews and you haven't missed the mark yet from what I've tried of your recommendations.

message 3: by Gally (new)

Gally You had me at "clean-shaven, military-fit, ex-D&D geek." My husband and I will probably like this. One of the most frustrating things about reading something to do with the military is when we can tell it's written by someone who was never in it or just didn't do enough research to make it as accurate as possible, e.g. using the terms "Special Forces" and "Special Operations" as if they're interchangeable, or saying "SEAL Team Six" instead of "DEVGRU." It kind of takes away from making it believable. This looks like a breath of fresh air.

Goede If you say so.

message 5: by Lucas (new) - added it

Lucas I would never have picked this up going by the cover or the description, but I'm tempted to give it a try now. Like Alex Ristea I really appreciate Pat's recommendations. Pat has already introduced me to four fantastic writers (Jim Butcher, Jasper Fforde, Lev Grossman and Kevin Hearne) and I have not been disappointed by any of his recommendations yet.

message 6: by Ella (new) - added it

Ella Darn it all, I read a few pages on google preview and loved the frak out of it. Coupled with your glowing review this is now a must-own-IMMEDIATELY book. Thanks for the recc :)

message 7: by David (new) - added it

David why is it rated so low?

Roderick Spot on review. I'm glad that I listened. I don't understand why the rating is so low.

message 9: by Kitvaria (new) - added it

Kitvaria Sarene Same here. Thanks to you I'm a big fan of Hearne and Butcher. So this is definitely going in my TBR. Especially as Michael J Sullivan and most of my Goodreads friends gave it 4-5 stars too :-)

message 10: by Sandra (new) - added it

Sandra Wollberg Great review, definitely helped me decide I want to read this. Now to order it from my local bookstore and waiiiiiiiit for weeks for it to arrive. *lives in Germany*

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