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Remember the Stars by Sanjay Nambiar
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Dec 12, 12

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Read in December, 2012

My daughter and I read and reviewed this book for Mother Daughter Book Reviews. Here's what we have to say:


This story is about a boy whose parents worry too much. The pictures in the book are pretty and my favorite is the one where the family is looking at the stars. The main characters are the boy and his parents. Sometimes I feel like the boy feels in the story [Insert sobbing Mom]. I have gone camping with my family but we spent more time being a family and I even got to look up at the stars.

My favorite part of the story is when the parents finally look up at the stars and don’t worry anymore. My least favorite part of the story is when the parents worry too much. It made me feel sad to see how the parents were worrying but then I was happy when they stopped worrying and started paying more attention to the little boy.

I learned that it’s important to be present in the moment and not worry about the future so much. I think boys and girls 5 to 10 would like this book. And I think parents should read this book.


What I liked and disliked about it:

Every now and then, something about a book just resonates with me. Do you find yourself saying to your kids, “Hang on, I have to just quickly check my email”; “Hang on, I just have to grab this load of laundry”; “Hang on, I just have to make a quick phone call” “Hang on”; “Hang on”; “Hang on”; “Just a minute”. If I had a nickel for every time I utter those words… As parents, we feel constantly weighed down with responsibilities tied to our work, friends, family, spouse, and children. In the midst of all the juggling, how often do we drop everything and just “be” in the moment?

Most of the books we review are written for the enjoyment of children. If parents are entertained as well, that is a bonus (especially if you are reading the book for the 20th time). What an opportunity to read a beautifully written and illustrated children’s book that is meant to be read to a child but whose message is specifically targeting parents! This book really had an impact on me because I could recognize myself in the characters of the parents. I could related to all the planning and worrying we do around our children trying to ensure that they have the best possible life all the while missing opportunities to really connect with them and enjoy shared experiences in the present moment.

The most poignant lines in the book occur when the little boy takes his parents’ hands, looks them in the eye, and says the following to them:

You’re so worried about tomorrow.

You’re so worried about me being hungry or cold.

But look at me. I’m having fun.

Just look up, or you’ll miss the stars.

Oh, it just gave me chills writing those lines! The little boy nails it with his message: Stop worrying and enjoy this moment with me.

Along with this important message, the book is beautifully illustrated. One final thing that I would like to mention is that at the back of the back there is a note from the author discussing the meaning of the book as well as encouragement to stop worrying and to be present for our children. On the very final page, there is a connect-the-dots image to outline some of the constellations in the image above. That was a nice touch to the book.

My bottom line:

This is one of my favorite pictures books of the year! I would highly, highly recommend this book to parents who have children ages 3+. Please consider entering the giveaway below for your chance to own this wonderful book.

*Remember the Stars was provided to us free-of-charge by the author’s publicist.*

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