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Blood Brothers by Nora Roberts
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Feb 26, 2009

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While I don’t mind Nora when she writes as J.D. Robb, I have to confess that I’m not that thrilled with her romances. It’s just not my genre. A couple of good friends insisted that the romance here was secondary to the creepy urban fantasy plot so I gave the first book in the trilogy a try.

It’s very slow in the beginning. Yes, part of it is setting up the plot in the 1600’s when it all began, the in the 1980’s when the three male protagonists, Caleb Hawkins, Gage Turner and Fox O’Dell go to celebrate their tenth birthday at the haunted Pagan stone and accidentally unleash the ‘evil’ that was contained within. These best friends were born same day same year almost at the same time (harking back to Ann of the 1600’s and her triplet boys). Honestly if it wasn’t a small town these boys probably wouldn’t be friends but they are, Cal the middle class boy, Fox the child of hippies and Gage the abused boy.

Flash-forward twenty odd years and it’s the third ‘seventh’ year cycle in Hawkins Hollow. Every July 7th and the week around it, this thing revisits driving the people of the town murderously mad and then they forget it. It’s worse during the seventh year. Cal runs the family business, the bowl-a-rama and Fox is a lawyer and Gage is…just not in town. I was about to put it down right about here since it wasn’t grabbing me then in walked Quinn, a true ghost story author, and I liked her. She wants to do a piece on Hawkins Hollow.

It doesn’t take long for something odd to happen. The thing from the stone is putting in an appearance mid-winter instead of the summer, it’s getting stronger. Cal has to hope so are he and his friends who now heal up super fast and each got an ability and a hunk of bloodstone back when this first happened. The other odd thing is Quinn can see it too, something that’s not happened before.

Before long Quinn meets Layla, who felt she had to leave her job in NYC and come to the Hollow. She, too, sees the stuff. Quinn wants to bring in Cybil her usual consultant for this stuff. Less than a hundred pages in, you can see all three ladies are going to hook up with the men and there’s like zero tension about it happening. That bored me. I got through this much faster skimming over the 101 times Quinn and her hook up do it because that got dull real fast.

The whole let’s all three ladies move to the Hollow until July was a bit eye rolling. Who can afford to do this (free rent and flea market furniture aside)? Or the likelihood of a pilgrim girl being about to read and write and keep journals in the 1600’s? The urban fantasy part of this wasn’t bad. I’m not sure I’ll finish the series. Maybe if I’m poked. That was the really annoying thing about this, it’s obviously not a complete story in and of itself.

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