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Princess of the Silver Woods by Jessica Day George
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Dec 10, 2012

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Read from December 10 to 20, 2012

I didn't know Princess of the Silver Woods was actually the third book until I heard about it on another blog, which was a HUGE relief (I know that doesn't right, but just bear with me). I felt like I was missing out on something and it was starting to get really weird. Then I realized that this was the third installation. Well... that explained a lot.
And yet, even though I hadn't read the first two books (but I definitely will now) I was completely engaged with this one. Besides, 'Red Riding Hood and Robin Hood get a twist'? Did I ever mention that I was a Robin Hood junkie? My self-control flew out the window when I read that in the summary.
And in the end, I liked it. It's not a 'Wow! I LOVE IT I LOVE IT I LOVE IT!' read. It's pretty much like any fairy-tale. It's got the usual hero/heroine, the evil villain, the damsel in distress, the beautiful castle, magic, and (of course) the happy ending.

Petunia is the youngest of the twelve sisters. She's the sort of princess that wears secondhand clothes and spends her day gardening. But she's adorably fierce for such a small thing, especially when she's pointing a gun at someone's head (Poor Oliver). I really like her attitude throughout the book. She doesn't waver and she doesn't become one of those unbearable protagonists that whines every ten seconds. But compared to her other sisters, Petunia acts like the oldest. Her character dulled a lot because of it.
Oliver, the thief/earl, started off as the swoon-worthy 'bad boy' who didn't flinch in the face of death (well, more like a gun), then he turned into the adorable 'good guy' that did the right thing and accepted the consequences... and then he turned into a fool. He didn't take control of the situation, he was a really poor help, and he needed saving more than the princesses did. I got tired of him before I was even halfway through the book.
The villains in the story were really weak. It was a disappointment really. They had the potential and they had me captivated in the beginning... but their villainy was short-lived.

The story line isn't original, actually it's very much cliched, but the mix of The Twelve Dancing Princesses, Robin Hood, and Red Riding Hood helps overcome that sense of boredom when you read something overused.
The writing is splendid. I didn't even have to try to get myself engaged with the story. It's fluid and picturesque and her pacing is thoroughly consistent. There's nothing I can complain about when it comes down to the writing.
The scenes are very nice. Yeah, it's the usual sort: forest, castle, lost kingdom, yadda yadda yadda, but it was very beautifully portrayed.

Princess of the Silver Woods is a cute read. It's a fun, adventurous book for those that like fairy tales.
It's more like a bedtime story that'll have you fall asleep with a smile on your face rather than squealing at every little noise. I'd give it a PG-rating at most... since Petunia shoots someone in the face in one of her dreams (fierce ain't she?).
I highly recommend this one to middle/elementary-grade girls and boys. It's a perfect AR book to read that won't bore them to death.
Thank you Bloomsbury for giving me the chance to read this one!

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