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Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand
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Aug 20, 07

did not like it
Recommended for: people i don't care to understand
Read in January, 1996

no, REALLY?!?! people LOVE this...but i just... i realize that, in disliking cucumbers, i am siding with a very scant and unpopular team, but i have my reasons: i chewed on them while i was teething, so it's an association thing. i realize they have merit and i love all other veggies, it's just they're not for me. but it seems more people like this book than even cucumbers, which we know is saying a lot. and this book's got NOTHING going for it. except it's heavy. i mean, is that it? b/c there are other long great books; you have a long trip and need entertainment and a paperweight, take maybe moby dick!! this is a zillion pages of awfully constructed sentences and achingly stupid storyline with cardboard characters and uninspired philosophy. really, ayn rand has so little to say in general that it is just shocking that so many people will listen to her attempt to flesh out a one-line theory ad nauseum in painful and impotent redundancy. it's really really awful. which would be fine except people really claim to glean something from it. i think i missed the page with the free money or something. i'd rather eat a cucumber for every worthless page than have to suffer through it again.
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message 11: by Matt (new)

Matt this book is polar opposites with people who read, and having never read it i think i'll side with you.
are cucumbers a theme?

Jodi Lu oh i just don't like em. not a theme in the book certainly, although they would've helped, necessarily.

Jodi Lu good luck.

message 8: by Gary (new) - rated it 1 star

Gary I feel the same way about cucumbers and this book.

Jodi Lu Yikes: I just realized I wrote nauseum rather than nauseam up there (I'm SO sorry, Dean Barker - my hot college Latin grad student teacher - for my error!), but I was afraid if I fixed it, I'd lose the 14 "like" votes against this book (more likely than for my review). Just wanted it said that I recognize the typo! Thank you, Mr. Gary, for the comment that prompted the re-read.

Danny McCaffrey Are you sure I can't convince you to understand them? Even just a little?

It's kind of like Scientologists and L. Ron Hubbard.

Jodi Lu I'm not sure I understand what you mean by "them"

message 4: by Jennie (new)

Jennie Mars I was eating a cucumber when I was reading this :3

Jodi Lu One can take a long time to say little. Or vice versa.

Jodi Lu Just as an aside, I'm embarrassed about the laziness but I wrote all these old reviews before auto correct/capitalization on here, so please forgive my irritating lower cases.

message 1: by Rod (new)

Rod Griffiths Exactly. I've managed about 20% so far and haven't encountered one redeeming feature. I thought I ought to read it because people go on about it.
Was no editor involved? It's awful writing, so much so that I think she hates the reader. Or is this because I can't stand cucumber either?

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