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Speaker for the Dead by Orson Scott Card
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Aug 18, 2007

Card is wrong when he tells his readers that Speaker is a better book than Ender's Game. He says young readers don't like it as well because it doesn't feature kids. I don't like it as well as Ender's game because while Ender's game is a psychological epic, with all the heartfelt intensity of a writer's first real story, Speaker reads to me like just another science fiction novel. Some aliens, a superintelligent virus; snooooozer. Well depicted snoozer, but still. Ender spends his whole life in isolation, and comes out of it a wimp, not a hero. Makes me wish Mazer Rackham had kicked his ass a little harder in the first book.
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Kenya S. both of them are awsome and dont be mean to ender did you spend your childhood in isolation and blow up an entire sentient species? no so shuut up!

Bryan Raines "with all the heartfelt intensity of a writer's first real story"

actually.... Speaker was written prior to Ender's Game. Ender's game is a prequel.

message 3: by Hanno (new)

Hanno Phoenicia Kenya, you didn't understand W.Cs review; your reply has nothing to do with what she wrote, indeed, it makes no sense.

Bryan; Enders Game was written in 1985. Speaker for the Dead was written in 1986. Look it up, you mixed up the novels. Enders Game is the core book of the series and the first one. Speaker for the Dead is just a sequel,and not the best one.

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