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The Looking Glass Wars by Frank Beddor
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Feb 24, 2009

it was amazing

This was an extremely good book. Guess what! All those stories about Alice chasing a magical bunny, and a crazy tea loving coot are wrong. Wonderland is real. It is a special place, but not to be misconcepted with a fairy tale place, it has those bitraying and nasty people too. Alyss Heart is seven years old and lives in the royal palace with her mom, the queen. She has a miscevenious attitude and plays with her same age friend Dodge, a lowly guardsman. She has never gone outside of the castle. Dodge takes her to the real world. Meanwhile, you have to know the story of a Ms. Aunt Redd. No, she is not a person who makes cookies and knits shirts. In fact she is a mean old witch who has turned to Black Imagination. Lets dwell on that topic. There are two kinds of imagination, White Imagination and the other one. You see, in Wonderland,strong imagination is a very powerful thing, over there, if you think of a chicken, who is pecking at corn on the street, flying, that is exactly what it will do. Lets go back to Redd. She was once going to be queen, she was more powerful than the current queen/mother, Genevine. But there was one problem, she had a strong yearning for power, so she sinked to the level of Black Imagination. She was banished. Even so has gathered an unending army of card warriors diciplined by fear and admiration, betrayers and dirty merchants, a lot of them low ranked. And she has made an assassin called the Cat, a ghastly creature with nine lives. Redd plans a seige, and it works when it is festival time, which is right after Alyss gets back to the palice after her little adventure. Alyss gets away and is sent to The Pool of Tears a place where nobody has ever come back from, to flee to the real world. How will Alice adapt to the real world? Read on to find out.

"Seething with anger, Redd strode toward the South Dining Room, paying no attention to the explosions going off to the left and right of her, the palace guardsmen falling dead at the hands of her soldiers. An orb generator dwetonated directly in front of her bout, with out slowing her pace, she walked throught the smoke and flames. She stood in the ruins, face-to-face with her sister at last, and screamed her head off. She would kill them all"

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message 1: by Jia (new) - rated it 3 stars

Jia Dodge is 4 years older. ;)

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