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The Last Watch by Sergei Lukyanenko
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Feb 21, 2009

Read in March, 2009

The last and by far most ordinary volume of this series. The first and second novels in the series were poetic, full of invention, and frankly sort of hard to follow plotwise. The third and fourth volumes are able to assume a lot of the details and characters, and therefore add a supernatural mystery plot in which the Light and the Dark are not necessarily battling each other any more.

This volume is probably the least dark and most humorous of the four, oddly enough -- perhaps because there are fewer long-simmering guilty secrets to be revealed. Anton travels quite a bit, especially to Edinburgh and to Central Asia, where he tries to balance his desire to be a good guest with his sometimes-scandalized surprise at how things are done outside Moscow (e.g. his shock at realizing the Day Watch and the Night Watch in a small provincial town share the same office). Although I enjoyed the Russian flavor of the early works, it's also instructive to witness the growing integration of Russians into the rest of the world.

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