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The Actor and the Housewife by Shannon Hale
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Feb 19, 2009

it was ok
Read in March, 2009

Completed Review- So now I am done with the book and I raised it to two stars. All the things I said below I still feel, but actually the last 1/3 of the book was better. This book was a span of 11 years and it read very disconnected to me. Am I glad I finished it? yes. Would I recommend it to a friend? Hmmm, only to see if they agree or disagree.
In the middle Review-I JUST have to get this off my chest!
I HATE this book! Now, I am still reading it and I am on page 143. I am really wanting to stop and just find out the ending by asking my niece who already read it. I will probably finish it, but this is not even a book that is okay to me. I LOVE Sannon Hale! I think she is a great writer and this book is nothing like her writing in The Goose Girl, The Princess Academy or EVEN Austenland was better written.

This is written so horribly and I am disgusted by Becky, the main character! I am bummed because I have A LOT in common with Becky considering I am an active Mormon housewife who has crushes on British actors (ahem...Robert). But Shannon wrote this so idealistically, it just makes me want to puke the entire time! Read it and let me know if I am waaaaaaay out there on this one!
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Kelsey Haha, I thought you would say those things... There were a lot of moments in the beginning (and middle) where I was like, "this is crap." But I am so not one to put down a book, and I thought it got better at the end, when there was at least some conflict. You know how Shannon Hale says in her intro that she just started writing the story because she loved Colin Firth (or whatever the issue was..), I think it's very obvious that this was a story that was just written, whereas her others are way more thought out, and layered much more nicely.

But there are some good lines in it. I think she's funny. I still think she and the actor (wow, I'm already forgetting his name), should have slept together. At least that's some conflict.

Jenlbot Kelsey wrote: "Haha, I thought you would say those things... There were a lot of moments in the beginning (and middle) where I was like, "this is crap." But I am so not one to put down a book, and I thought it g..."

Me too! I think it SUCKS that they did not end up together! I thought that was dumb! I knew she wrote it about colin firth but I totally picture Hugh Grant. He was about the only character I liked in this book. NO offense though, since I borrowd it from you. I just thought the mormon character was sooooo cliche. :)

Enna Isilee That's the whole point of the book! The conflict is that they are able to stay friends without "sleeping together." It's the story of friendship, not a story of cheating.

And, if you guys take it as seriously as Princess Academy, of course you're goig to say "IT SUCKS" and "I HATE this book." It doesn't suck, it's different. It makes me laugh out loud, but it's nothing like her other books. It's not even like AUSTENLAND because it doesn't follow a certain plot arc, but it's GOOD.

Of course, I don't intend to change your opinions, and I'm not trying to attack you at all (I'm sorry if it's coming off that way), I'm just hoping to give some other opinions.

And I'm just curious, in what way are you disgusted by Becky? She seems pretty much like a super-mom to me.

Jenlbot No, I don't feel attacked. I wanted other feedback because I am essentially a nice reader and have not felt so strongly against a book...well...ever! Don't feel bad about voicing your opinion at all.

Why did Becky disgust me? Well, I think it was mostly how cliche her character was. She did EVERYTHING right. Who can relate to having the "perfect marriage", parenting the "perfect" way (relating feelings to animals makes her look like a parenting genius in her time of grieving-gag), etc? Then when she was "depressed" I was hoping that I could finally relate to her better (NOT that I am depressed) BUT even that was unrelatable. I think that is just why she disgusted me. Who wants to read about someone perfect? The only way I could teensy relate to her was her non-beauty and body image insecurities, but those were written so minimally next to all the huge perfections it was overshadowed. Anyhow, that is it.

Enna Isilee Makes sense. I didn't find her to be "perfect" and I was able to relate to her very well (mostly because I talk and thing very similarly to her), but I can see why her character would have thrown you off. And her marraige wasn't exactly perfect, it had its bumps, which she handled both selflessly and yet in the interest of her own happiness. Plus, I wish I felt as strongly about a man as Becky does about her husband (hopefully I will when I find that man).

I like this book because it is froth. You can't compare it to her others, or you're going to be disappointed.

Kelsey Jenlbot wrote: "Kelsey wrote: "Haha, I thought you would say those things... There were a lot of moments in the beginning (and middle) where I was like, "this is crap." But I am so not one to put down a book, and..."

Haha, I pictured Hugh Grant too. Wierd.

Jenna I've heard comments about Becky being all perfect and that's why folks hate her. But I actually was telling my husband yesterday that she reminds me of me and Mike reminds me of my husband. (except that knowing us we would never have been okay with the whole hanging out with the opposite sex thing at all). And we are FAR from perfect. I don't think she came off as being perfect at all, just awesome. I quite liked Becky. And I am so proud of her sticking to not sleeping with Felix cause that would have been entirely out of character for her and I would have put the book down. That was what I was afraid would happen and it's what made me cringe through half the book. I would have loved this book all the way if it weren't for that fershligida ending.....

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