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Tortured Souls by Carol Lynne
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Feb 17, 2009

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After reading the previous book, which sets up this one, I pretty much had to move right on to reading this one. I wanted to know how things worked out with Bram and Declan and what each was hiding about their pasts. It's a short read and was fairly decent, but I thought it could have been much better.

Series Note:
this series should be read in order.

While visiting friends in Oklahoma in the last book, security expert Bram Blackstone meets doctor Declan O'Malley. The sparks are instantaneous between the two. When Bram acts on the chemistry, Declan initially responds then pushes Bram away. Upset, Bram goes back to New York and tries to forget about Declan. But now he's decided to return to visit his brother and to maybe see Declan again.

This time, Declan thinks he is ready to move past the pain he suffered previously and start a relationship with Bram. They give in to the feelings they have for each other and decide to start a relationship. But then a ghost from Bram's past threatens Declan and now Bram and his friends must find out the truth if Declan and Bram are to have a happy future together. And each much release the pain of their pasts.

I had moderately high hopes for this story. With what was foreshadowed about Bram and Declan both having painful pasts, I thought this would be a deeper, more emotional story than some past ones in this series. But for me, it never quite lived up to its potential.

The author could have made this a great story about overcoming terrible pasts and delving into the emotional scars of the characters. But I thought everything was treated a little too casually and gotten over too quickly. There was such potential there for a great story but it was all over simplified and worked out too quickly. It took away from the story, for me.

But I did like Bram and Declan. They were both good characters and had some great chemistry together. And the storyline was fairly decent, with Bram having to deal with his past and a surprising revelation. Though that whole thing was a bit oversimplified, too.

One thing that bothers me somewhat about Lynne's stories, in particular those I've read of this series, is the characterization of the men. I read a comment in another review about how Lynne writes "chicks with dicks" stories. And I totally agree with that. There's a very feminine edge to all these stories. The guys are always using endearments like "baby" and whatnot. They're always carrying their partner(s) around like they're light as feathers, crying at the drop of a pin, acting all cutesy and all that. Now, I'm not saying that's totally incorrect. But when all your male characters are like that, it doesn't come off right. Not all gay men are so effeminate (and not all hetero men are so macho, to be fair). So I just wish there was some more variety in the way the males in this series acted.

Overall, and okay story that could have been much more. Which is how I feel about most Carol Lynne stories. This was originally the last in the series, but I see that she's written a new one for a different e-publisher, that basically revisits the cast of characters and deals with a lingering issue. I'm not sure if I'll read that one (I don't yet own it, either). Maybe someday.

WARNING, this book contains: explicit sex and language, m/m oral sex, m/m anal sex, m/m HEA, references to m/m rape and violence.
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