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Sweetblood by Pete Hautman
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Feb 17, 2009

did not like it
Recommended for: vampire-maniacs with diabates

** spoiler alert ** This book sucks. Hated all of the characters in the book. Definitely hated the main character. Hated the fact she was a "goth" (oh no, wait, she isn't, right....), and hated the fact that it was another shitty vampire novel. Why can't I ever read about good vampire novels these days? What's with all the horribleness that takes away the mystique vibe from vampire-theme books? I really want them to burn....

Lucy Szabo is a 16 year old with diabetes. She is another angsty character that you CAN'T relate to. She's got an attitude problem and dresses in gothic wardrobe (however, she isn't GOTHIC. If you even dare calling her that, she will think you're stupid). Stupid is what stupid does, Lucy.

Anyways, in the novel, she proclaims herself as a vampire because she has diabetes and needs machines in order to live. She thinks of herself as the "undead" and brags about how she knows all this vampire history on internet chatrooms. She says people tells her she's smart. I say she needs therapeutic help.

There's this one loser over the internet chatroom that she has been speaking to awhile and considers him a smart, knowledgeable, vampire-crazed being just like her. Draco (I know, sounds lame and laughable) is his name. Vampires (and catching little girls over the internet) is his game. With all the vampire madness, Lucy's social life falls. She starts to suck at school, she's being a total bitch to her parents, and her diabetes starts to become a real problem. Her friend is annoying and throughout reading the novel, I just wanted to punch the both of them.

Later on, however, she meets Draco at some gothic, tarot party. And then her whole aspect of herself changes in the end.

What a stinker. Don't pick this novel up if you don't want to be educated on bullshit about "true" vampires. So if you have diabetes, you must be one. -eyeroll-
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Madysen ...So there's no real vampires? Gah, what happened to the days of Ann Rice? Vampires ("vampires") these days are either romantic idiots or wannabes and I agree with you completely about there being no good novels anymore.

I actually haven't read this book yet but thanks to this review, I think I'll stay away.

Denys L.H. Madysen- No problemo. Trust me, there are no real vampires in this story, just a theory about "original vampire" topped off with yer average teenage angst.

Madysen Wow, um... I'm not even checking this book out. =/ Have you heard of Blue Bloods?

Denys L.H. Why yes I have. Wasn't a big fan of that either. xD

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Klo                  why?

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Klo                  i lovee it its not about fashion

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A Wow a lot of hate going on. And "another shitty vampire novel"? Puh-lease. This novel showed a more realistic view on the term 'Vampire'. I'm sure you love fantasy, heck I do. Every author has their own way of expressing their idea. Over here Hautman gave a more reasonable explanation of 'Vampire' which in my pov isn't shitty but unique.

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