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Angels' Blood by Nalini Singh
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Jan 04, 15

it was amazing
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Recommended for: Fans of dark urban fantasy romance
Read from November 11 to 12, 2010

4 ½ stars – Urban Fantasy Romance
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Quotes Shawna Liked

Nalini Singh
“The bastard kissed her. She was so mad, she bit him hard enough to draw blood. Raphael pulled back, lip already beginning to swell. “We are no longer even, Elena. You’re now in debt.”
“You can deduct it from my slow and painful death.”
Nalini Singh, Angels' Blood

Nalini Singh
“Oh, this is a special blend for you." Taking one of the fingers she hadn't licked, he rubbed it along her lips. "What we usually shed is apparently comparable to the most delicious of chocolates or the finest of wines. Decadent, rich, and very expensive."
She told herself she wasn't going to lick the glitter off her lips. "And this blend?" The taste was inside her mouth without her having any knowledge of taking it in. And Raphael was incredibly close, his wings creating a white gold wall all around them his hands strong and warm on her hips. "What's so special about it?"
"This blend," he murmured, bending his head, "is about sex."
She put her hands on his chest but it wasn't a protest. After the blood, the fear, she needed to touch him, to know this glorious creature existed. "Another form of mind control?"
He shook his head, his mouth a hairbreadth from hers. "It's only fair."
"Fair?" She flicked her tongue along his lower lip. It made his hands clench on her hips.
"If I licked you between your thighs, your taste would have the same aphrodisiac effect on me.”
Nalini Singh, Angels' Blood

Nalini Singh
“I'm crazy about you, Archangel. You scare the shit out of me at times, but I want to dance with you anyway.”
Nalini Singh, Angels' Blood

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message 1: by Bonnie-Anne (new)

Bonnie-Anne Carmichael (Love Triangles Are Fucking Stupid.) Is there any love triangles or other interests in this series? Xx

Shawna No, there's no cheating or triangles.

message 3: by Bonnie-Anne (new)

Bonnie-Anne Carmichael (Love Triangles Are Fucking Stupid.) Thank you hun! Xx

message 4: by Bonnie-Anne (new)

Bonnie-Anne Carmichael (Love Triangles Are Fucking Stupid.) Thank you hun! Xx

message 5: by Bonnie-Anne (new)

Bonnie-Anne Carmichael (Love Triangles Are Fucking Stupid.) Thank you hun! Xx

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