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Class by Paul Fussell
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Saw this in a bookstore and couldn't resist. I've read part of it, then put it down and have yet to finish. It's like a mirror, only the essence of the mirror itself is unclear.

It made me finally accept the fact though (along with conversations with others) that class is huge here in the US. Not that I thought we were a classless society or anything - given huge income differentials that's obviously not the case. I'd been ignoring the pervasive, self-perpetuating aspects of class - in terms of how public transactions, for instance, vary widely depending on one's class. I'm not expressing myself very well here - guess I need to read the rest of it and muse some more..

But anyway, I feel like it's an interesting starting point for explorations of class, preferably (as others have said) while laughing. And also that it encourages the exercise of self-awareness and active choices, as there's nothing worse (especially these days, not that it's possible anymore) than buying something in order to 'keep up'..

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