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Horizon by Lois McMaster Bujold
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Feb 16, 09

it was amazing
Read in February, 2009

I figured out a long time ago that Lois McMaster Bujold is one of THOSE authors--basically, if she writes a book, it's good. Period. And the Sharing Knife books are no exception. McMaster Bujold's worlds feel real, and her characters matter. This series is a little slower paced than some of her science fiction, but they're still very rewarding reading.

Horizon is the fourth book in the Sharing Knife series, in which a farmer girl and a one-armed Lakewalker man meet while fighting a terrible monster and end up marrying. However, in this land, farmers and Lakewalkers generally avoid each other. The Lakewalkers despise the farmers for having no magic (groundsense); the farmers fear the Lakewalkers for their magic and because the Lakewalkers make knives out of their dead kins' bones. What the farmers do not understand is that the sharing knives--imbued with the souls of the dying--are the only weapon capable of destroying the terrible malices (which are kind of like the Star Trek's Borg, only more organic--see my review of Jim Butcher's Alera books!). Lakewalkers hunt malices, and if they didn't, the land would soon be overrun and destroyed.

As Dag and Fawn deal with both malices and malicious humans, they see clearly what no one else has realized: that the rift between farmers and Lakewalkers inadvertently benefits the malices. The seemingly mismatched couple sets out to change prejudices and find solutions, ultimately a greater challenge than slaying a malice.

In the crowded sci-fi/fantasy realm, not many authors stand out, but Lois McMaster Bujold is so good she scarcely has any competition. Of course, if you're going to read about Dag and Fawn, you should start with Book One and travel the author's land clear to the Horizon.
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Yvonne Hugli You've stated my sentiments exactly, with regards to this author! Well said!

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